My doctors said I had Stage 4 cancer, only 30 percent chance of survival: Sonali Bendre

Sonali also said that it was her husband Goldie Behl’s decision to go to New York but it was hard for her to leave everything suddenly and shift within three days. 

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Sonali Bendre cancer

Sonali Bendre opens up about her cancer diagnosis

Former Bollywood actor Sonali Bendre is back from New York after being treated for cancer, a little over six months after she was diagnosed with the disease. The 44-year-old has also been opening up about her journey and earlier said she had to visit a psychiatrist to understand how could she have got the disease when she maintained a healthy lifestyle. She also spoke about accepting her scar and dealing with the being affected by cancer from the first day she knew. 

In a recent interview, Sonali talking about the first few days after diagnosis said at first she and her family weren’t told about what stage of the disease she had. However, it was only after she reached New York that the doctors there told her that she had Stage 4 cancer and that she had only a 30 percent chance of survival. Sonali also said that it was her husband Goldie Behl’s decision to go to New York and she couldn’t believe that  she was suffering from cancer till she met the doctors there. Sonali said she fought with Goldie and told him he can’t make her leave in three days, leaving all her people and family back home; she vented out to him all the way to the US before she met the doctors. 

However, Sonali said as soon as the doctors confirm she had cancer, she turned to Goldie and thanked him for getting her all the way to New York. The former actor added that she remembers Goldie saying that tomorrow he rather feel he overreacted and over-spent than having under-reacted and regretted that he should have taken her all the way. Sonali returned to India in December, but has only recently opened up about her journey. However, throughout the six months she was in New York, she shared various posts and pictures of herself with her friends and husband Goldie Behl as well as son Ranveer, whom she so dearly missed. Recently, Sonali also revealed that she does not find her 20-inch scar from the treatment ugly anymore as she has accepted it, and even did a photoshoot.