Every day is a new day for mental health, stresses Hollywood actor Alessandra Torresani

I hope to bring my story to India to share what it is like to be bipolar in America.
Alessandra Toressani
Alessandra Toressani

The first thing that comes to Hollywood actor Alessandra Torresani’s mind when she thinks about India is ‘celebration’. And the ambassador of Minds Foundation, a mental health foundation based in LA & India who was part of Daan Utsav, also firmly believes in celebrating individuality. The Big Bang Theory actor who opened up about being bipolar hopes to share what it is like to be bipolar in America. Read on: 

You became a part of the mental health foundation, Minds Foundation, which also has its presence in India. What does the association mean to you?

The association is so special to me for many reasons. The first being my relationship with Raghu who has helped me so much expand my platform in my mental health journey with my show EmotionAL Support. I owe him the world for all of his good deeds. The MINDS Foundation is an organization focused on creating a world in which anyone, anywhere can access the mental health resources they deserve. My podcast, EmotionAL support is just one tool to achieve that mission. So it becoming the first MINDS Ambassador is very close to my heart and in this position, I get to share my story to help others. Plus, I have some special things coming up in 2021 as an Ambassador!

Mental health issues have been gaining importance in India with popular actors creating awareness about it. What kinds of initiative can we expect from you in India?

India is a place I have wanted to be a part of for a long time. I hope to bring my story to India to share what it is like to be bipolar in America. Maybe I can help one person know they are not alone in their crisis.

Have you been to India before? 

Not yet but I am so ready for it!

Though I am happy I was able to be part of India’s festival of Giving - Daan Utsav by celebrating as a panellist during an event on Mental Health organised by Well-being Crusader and Mental health advocate Nina Kler along with Dr Raghu Appasani Psychiatrist and Founder & CEO of The MINDS Foundation. We spoke extensively on the importance of Mental Hygiene and it was really interesting for me to learn about the voices of India on Mental health.

The MINDS Foundation is doing a lot of work in India as well.

You have been vocal about discussing issues and it's all evident from your podcast EmotionAL support. Tell us more about your initiatives and what is it that keeps you motivated?  

Every day is a new day for my mental health story. I learn more about myself and my brain through the stories of others and their own mental health struggles. To know you are not alone is one of the most important things I’ve ever learned with being openly bipolar. I can’t explain what keeps me motivated. Every day is a new form of motivation. Some days I am not motivated at all. That’s ok. Every day doesn’t have to have a purpose. It’s alright to Just Be.

Lending support to realistic issues must be taking up lots of your time. How are you balancing work and activism?

Lucky for me, being an actress and having a platform has been the best and quite possibly easiest way to become an activist. I already had some sort of a platform to share my story. I’m blessed that so many of my fans accepted me for who I am. Most have embraced my mental health story and have shared their own with me. It’s a tricky balance but I just have to get pushing through and be honest.

Tell us about your upcoming projects

I am so thrilled about this season of EmotionAL Support. I have so many fantastic guests who come along this wild ride with me. Next stop, hopefully, India with the Minds Foundation.

What is your fitness regimen like?

Dance Dance Dance!!!

Ever had any Indian dish?

Malai Kofta - I’m a vegetarian and it's so yummy

An actor from Bollywood you would like to work with

Too many to list, they are all fabulous

One thing you learnt during the lockdown/pandemic

The science of well being. 

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