Young and beautiful actor Chitrangada Satarupa rocks five trendy winter looks

The actor will be busy working in Bolpur during Christmas

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  24th December 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  24th December 2020 12:00 AM

Actor Chitrangada Satarupa

With strong and steady gushes of north wind ushering in the winter season, it’s time to bring out the cashmere, mufflers, scarves, trench coats, long boots and all the other winter fineries from the deep recesses of your wardrobe to brave the cold in style. Since it lasts only for a couple of months in a tropical country like ours, there’s all the more reason to flaunt your winter wardrobe to the hilt.

Chitrangada Satarupa

This year, it’s even more special since all of us are ready to welcome the new year after a disappointing 2020. And with sustainability becoming the norm nowadays, we will be seeing a lot of recycling and re-mixing of clothes. Here’s our Christmas special issue, where we have created a lookbook predicting the sartorial looks that will be trending big time this winter. And who better than the effervescent actor Chitrangada Sataurpa to be our muse this time?

The Mumbai based actor, who is a part of trendsetting films as Tottaa Pataaka Item Maal, Tikli & Laxmi Bomb, Devi Aur Hero and web series Karkat Rog, was here in Kolkata and she happily obliged. Excerpts from a chat with the star:

Chitrangada is wearing this gorgeous layered gown in emerald green with an asymmetric hemline by couturier Shradha Murarka's label Vizyon

How fruitfully did you spend the lockdown?

Actually, it was pretty constructive and I got in touch with the other side of me and explored a lot of things. I took vocal training lessons, I started playing the ukulele and gave online acting lessons. It was wonderful teaching students who are so interested and invested in the art. I also started painting again and writing a few poems and songs too.

The actor is parties seen wearing a silhouette-enhancing red satin organza one-shoulder ruffle dress from couturier Shradha Murarka’s Vizyon

What will be your sartorial choices this Christmas and New Year’s eve?

I have always been very fond of vintage or retro stuff even if it’s something minimal like a black sweater with a red checked shirt and white shirts with collars out. I love minimalism and only go for the maximalist look if it’s some crazy party. Since I am also trying to reduce carbon footprints I am buying less despite being quite a shopaholic. And if I do shop, I buy from a bunch of online thrift stores. I love teaming up new things with what I already have and that way they look something altogether new.

Here’s a black turtleneck ribbed full-sleeve sweater with asymmetric hem wool blend grey midi skirt and mustard yellow muffler from Fable Street

How would you spend this Christmas?

I will be shooting in Bolpur this Christmas. So it will be a colder one all by myself this time.

Your favourite Christmas memory?

There’s no one such. Christmas had always been so very special for me and my sister (actor Ritabhari) and our mom could successfully make us believe that Santa exists and that if we behaved well then Santa would give us exactly what we wanted, though no such wishes would ever come true.

This lovely floral printed shirt paired with nice red pleated pants is just what you should wear for a Christmas brunch

We would end up getting the same old pencil sets, slacks and paints instead of coats, jumpers, dresses and dolls that we craved so much for. But still, we would write wish notes and hang them from the plants at our balcony for Santa to read. Once I got a doll and it was really the best gift from Santa.

What would you wish for this year?

I would want Santa to make things normal like before and bring us the vaccine that will cure all of us of this dreadful pandemic.

What is your fitness regimen?

I work out five days a week. I do yoga twice a week, and high-intensity exercises like pilates and a bit of weight training and bodyweight conditioning on other days. Also, I go for a run with my dogs, which is a great exercise.

This hot number from Zara is all you need to have in your wardrobe to go all blingy for NY-eve The actor is parties

What’s your skin and hair care routine?

I have a decent and soft skin that requires no great care. Still, I always moisturise it with a natural moisturiser form Kama, Khadi or Biotique. I apply aloe vera gel directly from the plant and also use Vitamin C serum. My curls are tricky to maintain and I wash my hair only when I apply shampoo. Before that, I oil my hair thoroughly. Besides, I use a sunblock without fail.

What are the beauty essentials always in your bag?

A tiny bottle of moisturiser, a mini perfume, lipstick, lip balm and sanitiser.

Any beauty hack?

A dark shade of lipstick is a saviour when you are short of time. Apply on lips and tint your cheeks with it to get that bright look instantly.

Chitrangada Satarupa

What’s your daily diet?

My morning starts with water followed by a black Darjeeling tea with sugar and biscuits. Breakfast usually consists of bread and eggs or muesli with curd and fruits. Then I have some coffee before exercising. Lunch is very Bengali with rice, pulses, veggies and fish or chicken. Dinner means grilled chicken or fish and lots of soups.

Any comfort food?

Chocolates and desserts.

Any health shot you swear by?

Amla, honey and ginger concoction.

What are your upcoming projects?

There are a couple of unreleased projects including an Indie film I did last year. I am yet to complete filming for a web series and there’s this new Indie film I will be shooting for once I am back in Mumbai this month-end. It’s a different story with no dramatic climax yet a hard-hitting, gritty narrative of a common man unapologetically told. I play a young mother of three girls.

Chitrangada Satarupa

Your hobbies?

Any art-related stuff like painting and making collages. besides cooking.

Model: Chitrangada Satarupa | Pictures: Siladitya Dutta | Hair and Makeup: Abhijit Paul | Styling: Poulami Gupta | Jewellery: Vasundhara Creative Jewellery and Prix.Ti by Prachi Banka | Shoes: Mojo shoes, Zara | Location courtesy: Hyatt Regency Kolkata