Hitesh Bhojraj who made his debut with the Class Of ’83 speaks about his recent outing, Ek Thi Begum season 2  

We chatted with the actor, singer, and theatre artiste about his love for acting and his future projects.

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Hitesh Bhojraj

Hitesh Bhojraj

For Hitesh Bhojraj, making a debut alongside Bobby Deol in Class of ’83 was nothing less than a dream. He played the role of Vishnu Varde, a cop, and became an instant hit among the masses. For his second outing, he surprisingly picked a role that was completely the opposite of his debut role. Hitesh is seen as a local gangster in the second season of Ek Thi Begum. We chatted with the actor, singer, and theatre artiste about his love for acting and his future projects. Excerpts:

Can you tell us more about your character?

I first met the director and the makers of the show and as soon as they narrated my part, I fell in love. He is almost god-like and perhaps has one of the most important plot points for this season. For my debut, I played a cop and I didn’t wish to be typecast. So, to play a polar opposite character that of a Maharashtrian goon, in just my second show seemed like the right thing to do.

What kind of prep went into the role?

There were, of course, changes that happened physically. I had to change my hairstyle, and the make-up too was different. But, it was only during the readings that I got into the skin of my character. I started to analyse the decisions he makes. He was an alpha male, unpredictable — just like a typical Bollywood gangster hero. I also brushed up my Marathi and had to work on my accent.

You also come from a theatre background. Is there a difference between being on the stage and in front of the camera?

I think the only difference is that one needs the patience to be in front of the camera. When you are on the stage, you act and you are done with the job. The only time one needs to have patience is during the rehearsals. But, for a movie or a show, you need to wait till the product is out, and it continues till you find out if the audiences and critics liked your job or not.

In his element

How does music play a part in your life?

Speaking of music, I have done plenty of musicals in my theatre days. I was a part of Broadway musicals like Disney’s Beauty And The Beast and just before the lockdown began, I performed as Genie for Aladdin. So, most of my singing happens just on the stage.

What’s next?

I have signed a few interesting projects. I am just waiting for them to materialise and then I can officially make an announcement.

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