Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh wedding: ahead of their wedding the couple gets candid about their relationship and more 

Ahead of their wedding on Saturday, July 9 the couple gets talking about their wedding, relationship, how have the two evolved in this relationship and what took them so long to take wedding vows

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Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh

Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh

It took about 12 years for actor Payal Rohatgi and wrestler Sangram Singh to lock the date for their wedding on July 9. The two met on a highway near Agra when Payal was returning from her shoot and her car broke down and Sangram, who was returning after a wrestling championship stopped to help Payal. The two exchanged numbers but didn’t get in touch with each other until the end of the reality show, Survivor India in 2012 in which both were participants. Coincidentally, the two have chosen to marry in Agra at J P Palace. When we asked the couple about this, Sangram said, “Maybe it was destined to be there since I wanted to keep my marriage an intimate affair with only my family present and at a place which is closer to my hometown Rohtak (Haryana).” The couple will have their families present at all the wedding functions including Haldi, Mehendi, Mata ki chauki followed by three receptions in Delhi, Rohtak and Mumbai where the two will invite their friends from the industry and sports fraternity. So far, the couple has brought designers from Delhi and Ahmedabad onboard. Ahead of their wedding on Saturday, the couple gets talking about their wedding, relationship, how the two have evolved in this relationship and and what took them so long to decide to tie the knot.



What took you guys so long to decide to get married?

Payal: We were trying to adjust to our compatibility issues. We are two completely opposite people so there were a lot of compatibility issues they were apparent when we did Nach Baliye in 2015 and we still have those issues. But the bottom line is that whenever one of us is away from another for a long period of time and we are not able to talk to each other, we figure out that we will never be able to live without each other. The engagement happened when he was in Big Boss (2013) house for 105 days and we couldn’t talk to each other. And now during Lock Up, I wasn’t in touch with him and we realised that there is an unspoken bond between us that needs to be respected along with the fact that we are with each other for 12 years and we have to take it to the next level.

Sangram: I think one should get married when you are truly ready and know the person well. You know that you can trust the person and are ready to adjust to their flaws. We gave ourselves a lot of time to know each other and not rush.

How have you two evolved in this relationship?

Payal: I have learned to respond to things rather than react to them. Sangram taught me to maintain my opinionated nature and the way I live but look at the response way and not the reaction way. Now I take time to respond to things that matter to me. The way he looks at a lot of things that are troublesome is different than mine but it’s a more positive way of handling things in life. He has taught me discipline and it has become my lifestyle now. We both criticize each other so we improve. I don’t think I can ever get a better partner, in fact, a better human being than him.

Sangram: My English has improved because she fights in English. (laughs). She has groomed me a lot. I can’t get a better girl to marry than Payal. I feel she lives for my happiness. She has changed a lot of things that I wasn’t comfortable with. Being with Payal, I feel free yet balanced and responsible.



Payal, did that adjustment feel like a sacrifice for the relationship?

Not at all! I think we both have changed, it’s never a one-way street. I have never sacrificed. It has always been a choice who to be friends with or not. 'My lifestyle has to be disciplined' is a choice and that’s a positive influence from Sangram. We have willingly adjusted to each other’s choices.

Which was the most difficult phase in your relationship and how did you sail through it?

Sangram: For me, it was the initial phase when friends would come and tell me that Payal is not the right girl for me. They would tell me that my career would be at stake if I continue this relationship. I tried looking at Payal’s intentions rather than the actions which were never wrong. In fact, Payal is a rare woman I have come across. We do fight and argue but we never sleep upset.

Payal: The last two years have been really difficult for us. There were some challenges that I was going through alone and Sangram couldn’t do anything about it, as it was a testing time for him as well. We had differences in our responses to certain things. He explained a lot of things and I understood that I may choose a different way of putting my opinion across about something that bothers me. It was the most testing time to make each other understand our way of thinking and responding to certain things.

What’s the key to a strong relationship?

Payal and Sangram: Trust, commitment, and loyalty. We may not talk to each other for 24 hours but there is unspoken trust and loyalty that has made our relationship last.