Women's Day 2023 : ‘Women don’t need a celebration or any validation,’ says actress Kashika Kapoor

The young actress is debuting with the Hindi film Ayushmati Geeta Matric Pass

Priyamvada Rana Published :  08th March 2023 01:50 PM   |   Published :   |  08th March 2023 01:50 PM
Kashika Kapoor in the film

Kashika Kapoor in the film

The idea of International Women’s Day which first emerged in the early 1900s in New York City with the march of 15,000 women demanding equal rights has now become a global event reaching every corner of the world. The concerns remain the same where women seek freedom in gender discourse in terms of voting rights, wages, pursuing ambitions, being self-reliant or just living their life the way they want to.

On Women’s Day, as we celebrate the achievements of powerful women around the globe, we also spotlight the struggle, stereotypes, and biases they have to overcome in daily life to be where they are. Speaking on the occasion, young actress Kashika Kapoor who is debuting with the Hindi film Ayushmati Geeta Matric Pass shares how she resonates with the strong female character she’s going to portray in the upcoming film.

"I am fortunate enough to play the hero of the story, where the entire story revolves around my role and the sacrifices and struggles that my character faces while achieving her dreams. It's a day to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. My film would make sure to do its bit in bringing the change, we all want to see around us. I could proudly say that the film will leave you with an aftertaste of inspiration and some encouragement to believe in yourself. It will be the next women-centric film which will inspire you with the storyline and the struggle a girl can do to fulfil her dreams," she says. 

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Kashika further adds, "Being a woman is like having several jobs rolled into one. Women are the true heroes of society. However, seldom do we acknowledge their brilliance, and my debut film will highlight that with a strong message. On Women's Day, I want to tell everyone that women don’t need a celebration or any validation! That’s what a man needs when he truly realises the power, impact, and force of a woman!"  The actress happily wishes women on a special day, "I want to be like Geeta from my debut film, who can face any hardships but will happily fulfil her dream. But I would also like to say, be yourself and love who you are. Big love to all of you!"

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