Pragathi Shetty pens heartfelt note for husband Rishab Shetty on his 41st birthday

The video and message from Pragathi are a testament to the strong bond they share
In frame: Pragathi Shetty and Rishab Shetty
In frame: Pragathi Shetty and Rishab Shetty

Today marks a special day for Rishab Shetty, the creative genius behind the 2022 blockbuster Kantara, as he celebrates his birthday. Renowned for his storytelling prowess and dynamic roles in the Indian film industry, Rishab is also cherished as a dedicated family man who masterfully balances his professional and personal life.

In frame: Pragathi Shetty and Rishab Shetty
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Adding to the festivities, Rishab’s wife, Pragathi Shetty, took to Instagram to share a touching video that captures the essence of Rishab’s multifaceted life. The video chronicles Rishab’s journey as an actor, director, friend, father, and husband, offering a glimpse into the hard work and love that define him. Accompanying this heartfelt montage, Pragathi penned a deeply moving message for her husband, celebrating the man she knows and loves.

In her poignant caption, Pragathi wrote, “Happy Birthday to the pillar of my life. I just want to scream and tell the world what an amazing man you are. Fortunate are those who truly know you. Your strength, wisdom, and love inspire all of us every day. I am grateful to God every day for us being together. Wishing you a year filled with joy, success, and all the happiness in the world. Love You.”

The video and message from Pragathi are a testament to the strong bond they share, reflecting the depth of their relationship and the admiration she holds for him. It’s a celebration of Rishab not only as a creative force in the film industry but also as a loving and supportive partner and father.

In frame: Pragathi Shetty and Rishab Shetty
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Professionally, Rishab has a host of exciting projects lined up. Fans are eagerly anticipating Kantara: Chapter 1, the follow-up to his critically acclaimed work, promising another enchanting cinematic experience. Additionally, there are whispers of a potential collaboration with the esteemed Bollywood director Ashutosh Gowariker, which has the industry buzzing with anticipation.

Rishab’s acting portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive. From leading roles to memorable cameos, he has showcased his versatility in films like Bell Bottom, Katha Sangama, Hero, Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana, Harikathe Alla Girikathe and of course, Kantara. Each performance adds another layer to his dynamic career, cementing his reputation as a multifaceted talent.

As Rishab marks another year, his contributions to cinema and his cherished role in his family’s life continue to inspire and captivate.

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