I never made an effort to work on my comic timing: Kriti Kharbanda

Kriti Kharbanda, who debuts in Kollywood with Bruce Lee, talks about the film and her penchant for perfect comic timing

Nandita Ravi Published :  17th March 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  17th March 2017 06:00 AM
Kriti Kharbanda

Kriti Kharbanda

She was all of 17 when she first faced the camera as a debutante for a Telugu film titled Boni in 2009, and she recalls the experience as completely nerve-wracking. Eight years later, ahead of the release of her debut Tamil film Bruce Lee, Kriti Kharbanda still has butterflies in her stomach. “I’m a ball of nerves because I know that the film is finally over and I am going to be judged. But I have learned to be a confident actress, and I know that I have delivered a good performance,” says the actress, who started off as a model in Bengaluru. She featured in a number of TV ads before bagging the female lead for the Telugu actioner Boni. Despite the film bombing, her performance came in for praise, which led her to her next Telugu rom-comTeen Maar opposite Pawan Kalyan in 2011. Her next release, however, was Chiru (a romance), her Kannada debut in 2010.

Funny side up
In Bruce Lee, Kriti plays Saroja, a college girl, who she describes as tomboyish. “She’s got a great sense of humour, and she is a young rebel,” she says. And what exactly is Saroja rebellious about? “She has a set of what is right and wrong, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She has a bit of a temper, too,” Kriti adds. This actress has also been credited with great comic timing. “I have been told by all my friends that I have a wicked sense of humour,” she says, collapsing into giggles, adding, “Maybe that is something that has come across when I work on comedy tracks. I have never consciously made an effort to work on my comic timing.”

A long wait that paid off
The film has been in the making for almost two years, but Kriti says that the wait alone wasn’t the whole taxing part. “It was a tough film to shoot because there were multiple schedules. We wanted to keep things as realistic as possible, so we shot at real locations, apart from putting up sets all over the city. I remember this one particular scene where we shot on the terrace of a tiny building in a market place. It was on the fifth floor, and there was no lift. The crew had to haul and set up the heavy equipment all the way up. So it wasn’t taxing just for us actors, but the entire crew, too,” she elaborates.

However, the team did share their light moments as well. The climax scene, especially, is something Kriti will always remember about the film, because, “the scene involved me being tied up and Prashanth my director, just decided to leave me tied up there as a prank. There was no network or anything, and I almost panicked before they untied me. We all had a good laugh about it later on, though,” she signs off.  

Bruce Lee releases today