Journalist sends legal notice to Rajinikanth slamming his role in Kaala, demands Rs 101 crore as compensation 

Jawahar alleges that the movie intends to tarnish the image of both his father and the Nadar community as a whole.

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Rajinikanth-starrer Kaala

After the recent news that groups of people were calling for a ban on the Rajinikanth-starrer Kaala in Karnataka, here's yet another roadblock, just before the film's release on June 7. A Mumbai-based journalist, Jawahar Nadar, has now filed a defamation case against the actor, claiming that the film intends to hurt his father and the Nadar community's image, due to Rajinikanth's 'ulterior motives'. 

Jawahar, the son of Mumbai-based late S Thiraviam Nadar (known as Gudwala Seth and Kala Seth), a jaggery and sugar merchant in Dharavi during his heydeys, is the inspiration behind Karikalan, the character Rajini plays in the film. He alleges that the movie intends to tarnish the image of both his father and the Nadar community as a whole. The legal notice, reportedly, says that Rajinikanth has floated political outfit to curtail the rights of native Dravidians and backward communities, and seeks an apology from the actor, and seeking Rs 101 crore as damages. The notice also reportedly states that as a community, the Nadars are progressive, but are being oppressed by those who have sworn political allegiance to Rajinikanth. The notice, issued on Sunday, has since then, been referred to National OBC Commission for further investigation. 

According to media reports, Jawahar was quoted saying, "It is not about the money. It is about what is right. If the movie portrays my father positively, then we must get credit for it. If the movie defames my father then they should apologise for it and pay for it." His father, Thiraviam Nadar, a native of Tuticorin, reportedly came to Mumbai in search of work in 1957. His sugar and jaggery business earned him the name Kaala Seth/Gudwa Seth, and was held in high regard among the people in Dharavi, as he helped those who were being harassed and tortured by the police. 

Directed by Pa Ranjith, Kaala, which also stars Nana Patekar, Huma Qureshi and Samuthirakanni in important roles, will release on June 7. Rajinikanth is said to be playing a slumlord-gangster who fights for oppressed Tamil people in Mumbai. Jawahar, in his notice, says that his father was never involved in any activity against the law and that he led a dignified life, which he believes might have been misrepresented in the film. The money Jawahar makes from the case, Jawahar claims, will not be for personal gain, as he intends to use it for the benefit of the people of Dharavi. The journalist, however, remained unavailable for comment. 

The film, timed perfectly with Rajinikanth's political entry, shows him fighting oppression in the society. At the audio launch for the film, Rajinikanth said, "Kaala has politics but it's not a political film". Interestingly, the actor sparked a huge controversy over his statement during the Sterlite smelter plant controversy recently, too.