1977 classic The Message to screen for the first time ever in Saudi Arabia on Eid

The film will be screened only two months after the first public cinema opened in the country after the ban was lifted.
A scene from the 1977 Saudi classic The Message
A scene from the 1977 Saudi classic The Message

The film scene in Saudi Arabia is changing and while it was only two months ago that the first public cinema opened in the country, Eid brings good news for film buffs in the country. Moustapha Akkad’s 1977 film The Message will screen in cinemas in Saudi Arabia for the first time ever even after being a Saudi-based movie.

The classic film was made in English and Arabic with separate casts and has never been shown in the kingdom earlier. According to various reports, the distributors of the film are Front Row Films and Gianluca Chakra representing them said it was truly a monumental occasion for everybody in the country. He also went on to add that he was very pleased that the Saudi censors had passed the film for screening because it is vitally important part of the region’s history and culture.

The Message in its English version stars Irene Papas, Anthony Quinn and Michael Ansara, while the Arabic version has Abdullah Gaith, Muna Wassef, and Hamdi Gaith who takes the lead. The film follows the life of Prophet Muhammad and depicts everything around him but never shows the prophet himself. 

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