Meet Vishal Mishra, the composer behind Veere Di Wedding's title track 

All the songs composed by Vishal for Race 3 have been penned by Salman

author_img   |   Published :   |  18th May 2018 10:45 AM

Veere Di Wedding

Kareena Kapoor Khan- and Sonam Kapoor-starrer, Veere Di Wedding, has already created hype with its newly released songs, one of them being title track, Veere. The track, which has been climbing popularity charts, is composed by Vishal Mishra who is known for other hits such as Tutak Tutak Tutiya from Munna Micheal and Jaane De from Qareeb Qareeb Singlle.

His latest composition Veere, a catchy number has a total of eight voices. In addition to the lead vocals, performed by Vishal himself, the song brings together seven female voices. “This song has completely new sounds — a combination of House and Chill House music. I give credit to Rhea (Kapoor), the producer because she gave me complete independence while composing,” says Vishal. 

Giving voice
Though it’s the title track of a film that has only female protagonists, Vishal says he had his reasons to add male vocals to the song. “Many female singers tried singing, but it didn’t work. This song didn’t need that complete perfection. It required something imperfect to be perfect, so I chose to sing as the lead singer but the other seven female voices complement my voice, and that’s what makes this song special,” he says. The other song from Veere Di Wedding composed by Vishal is Dagmag Dagmag — a composition inspired by Punjabi folk music  but with a contemporary vibe.

Bhai connect
Among other upcoming films that the composer-singer is working on is the much-awaited Race 3 starring Salman Khan. Interestingly, all the songs composed by Vishal have been penned by Salman. “He knows what works. I can say Salman is more like a co-composer with me. We used to sit together and our thoughts used to flow like water,” reveals the composer. With over 40 original compositions across nine languages, Vishal is going strong. What most people don’t know is that Vishal listens to nearly 500 songs every day. “I listen to a song, and if it appeals to me within the first 10 seconds, I listen to it completely. If it doesn’t, I change the track,” he says.

Ask Vishal about his favourite composition till date, and he says, “Jaane De, from Qareeb Qareeb Singlle. It is a part of my heart. When you compose for yourself, you put out what your heart wants to say. Jaane De was the voice of my heart,” he signs off.