'Street Dancer 3D has been a crazy journey for me', says actor-choreographer Vinay Khandelwal 

Jaideep Sen Published :  25th January 2020 06:03 PM   |   Published :   |  25th January 2020 06:03 PM
Vinay Khandelwal

Vinay Khandelwal

Mumbai, January 25: Choreographer, dancer and actor Vinay Khandelwal wrote to Indulge about his unforgettable experiences with the making of Street Dancer 3D.

"I consider getting into this franchise of India’s biggest dance movie as an actor and performer as my biggest achievement so far," said Vinay in the email note. 

"I have been a choreographer and have choreographed music videos and TVCs in the past, but this was a completely different experience," he wrote. 

"The best part was the rehearsals. The vibe of the studio was always so positive, which I’m sure will come across on the screen," enthuses Vinay. 

"It was really encouraging whenever Varun, Shraddha and Prabhu Sir appreciated my dancing style. I was really motivated by that. This ended up making us really good friends on and off the set," says the actor and dancer.  

"Practicing with Prabhu Sir for almost a month and then shooting with him was one of the best experiences," recalls Vinay. 

"Especially for the Muqabla song. From watching him dance on TV as a kid to matching the steps on the same song years later was the best feeling," he added. 

"Street Dancer in a true sense is a movie about the streets," wrote Vinay about the movie. 

"We were made to perform on the streets like an actual street performance. I had the best time performing on the streets of London while shooting for the movie," he wrote. 


Vinay Khandelwal and Varun Dhawan


"I, unfortunately, suffered from a ligament tear (ACL) in my left knee during the shoot. This made things hard for me," added Vinay, reflecting on a personal mishap. 

"I had to take a lot of precautions and use a walker for a while. Sitting in the rehearsals and watching everyone practice was the hardest time for me, but eventually, I managed to pull off the shoot," he shared. 


Vinay Khandelwal and Varun Dhawan


"It was a risk, but thank god that the injury did not get worse. The whole cast and crew was really helpful and supportive," wrote Vinay, with a sense of heartfelt appreciation. 

"I'm really looking forward to the movie because I know how much hard work has been put into it by each and every member," signed off Vinay. 

"This movie will always be special to me as it’s my first, and I can’t thank Remo (D'Souza) Sir enough for this! 


Vinay Khandelwal for Street Dancer 3D