Actor Tushar Pandey talks about his debut lead in Titu Ambani   

He plays the lead in Titu Ambani alongside TV actress Deepika Singh

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  08th July 2022 12:46 PM   |   Published :   |  08th July 2022 12:46 PM
Tushar Pandey as Titu

Tushar Pandey

Actor Tushar Pandey’s big moment is here. The actor who stood out amidst big star casts in projects like Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor starrer Chhichhore and Bobby Deol headlined web series Aashram, plays the lead in Titu Ambani alongside TV actress Deepika Singh. Written and directed by Rohit Raj Goyal, the film chronicles the life of a middle-class boy, Titu Shukla who wants to make it big but doesn’t want to work hard for it. In between promotions, the trained actor talks about shouldering the big responsibility as a lead and more. Excerpts:      

Titu Shukla’s character is very different from what you have done so far. Tell us about it.

Yes. While in Chhichhore my character Sundar Srivastava aka Mummy was fun, Satwinder Lochan alias Satti in Aashram was a serious one. And this one is a light-hearted drama about a middle-class boy who has high aspirations but he wants to achieve them through shortcuts. I am glad I am being offered roles that bring out my versatility as an actor.

You managed to grab the attention of the audience in big star-led projects and this is your big debut. How are you feeling?

It is a big responsibility. Frankly, the projects that I did earlier carved their own niche and were never ‘side roles’. They were part of the big narrative and relevant as well. I have always been very particular about the narrative of my character. If you see Aashram, Satti had his own journey and so did Mummy. I remember director Nitish Tiwari referring to Mummy as a protagonist as he was among the leads in the ensemble cast. I say it’s a big responsibility because a lot depends on the lead. So I have tried to etch the character with all honesty, contributing to the collective work.    

Tell us more about Titu.

So he is a small-town guy who wants to make it big. The only conflict is his dreams are bigger than his actions. He is looking for success but not realising what journey it entails to get to that position. It’s a journey of a boy to a man. One other aspect of the character is his relationship with his wife. It’s a light-hearted story but deals with topics that are relatable and worth talking about.

All the songs in the film are catchy. Which one is your favourite?

My favourite is Haq Tumse. When I heard it for the first time it took me back to my childhood and relationships. The song with Rekha Bhardwaj is also close to my heart and I play it a lot.

Future projects?

You will see me next in Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s Lost. It will be released this year.