Biju Menon, Guru Somasundaram face off in Deepu Anthikad’s 'Naalam Mura'

The film, directed by Deepu Anthikad, has a script by Crime Branch official Sooraj V Dev

author_img Sajin Shrijith Published :  16th September 2022 01:57 PM   |   Published :   |  16th September 2022 01:57 PM
Naalam Mura

Naalam Mura

Biju Menon and Guru Somasundaram share the screen for the first time in director Deepu Anthikad’s Naalam Mura, which, the director tells us, is a suspense drama penned by a Crime Branch official Sooraj V Dev, with Deepu as co-writer.

“The approach we have taken is unlike that of an investigative procedural, which is the current trend,” adds Deepu. “The suspense factor in Naalam Mura comes from the knowledge that we already have the suspect in hand and the mind games he plays with an officer played by Biju Menon. Has the former committed the crime or not? If he has, how do we prove it? These are the questions that drive what is mostly a performance-oriented screenplay. And, naturally, having two brilliant performers —one a method actor, the other a natural—at the helm should generate everyone’s interest. Biju plays an officer who employs the fourth degree to get to the bottom of it all. And when you have Guru on the other side playing someone equally brilliant, that makes things complicated. Undoubtedly, their performances are the film’s highlights.”

Deepu elaborates that Naalam Mura will not be heavy on action or adrenaline-pumping moments. “It avoids the usual cliches, such as the investigator’s brilliance. We do have some stunts, though. The approach is mostly realistic with a slightly cinematic touch. Having Sooraj, a friend from the Crime Branch, writing the script helped lend a sense of authenticity—the procedures are exactly like how they do them in real life. There are no gimmicks or shocking twists. It’s a script anchored by strong backstories, family elements, and various human emotions. By the time the film is over, audiences might start wondering who the hero or villain is.”

Speaking about the film’s target audience, Deepu hopes Naalam Mura will be watched by college and school students as it carries a “socially relevant message” and explores “other pertinent themes” —factors that compelled Deepu to do the film.

“The film depicts situations that, by and large, mirror recent events,” he shares. “I also expect family audiences to like it, considering Guru Somasundaram’s instant popularity after the success of Minnal Murali. He appears throughout the film.”

Divya Pillai plays the female lead in a cast that also features Shantipriya, Sheelu Abraham, Prasanth Alexander, and Alencier among the known faces. The team shot primarily in Peerumedu and a spot in Ernakulam.

“We first thought of doing it as a small-budget realistic film, but these days, people mostly prefer such films for OTT viewing. So we spent quite a lot on the production value to give it a fresh look that combines, as I said earlier, realistic and cinematic treatments,” says Deepu.

Naalam Mura has S Loganathan as the director of photography and Shameer Muhammed handling the editing. Kailas Menon composed the songs, while Gopi Sundar wrote the background score. Produced by Kishore Varieth, Sudheesh Pillai and Shibu Anthikad, the film aims for an October 21 release.