Ali Fazal masters dirt biking for Kandahar role

Actor Ali Fazal showcases fearless skills on two wheels to bring his character to life in the high-octane war film set in Saudi Arabia.
Ali Fazal
Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal, the talented Indian actor, has taken his preparation for his latest Hollywood film, Kandahar, to thrilling new heights. In the action-packed war thriller, Ali portrays the character of Kahil, one of the main antagonists, and had to learn the exhilarating sport of dirt biking to bring his role to life. Dirt biking, still a rare sport in India, posed a unique challenge for Ali, who dedicated his time during the shoot to master the required skill set.

The film's shooting extensively took place in the Al Ula region of Saudi Arabia, providing the perfect backdrop for Ali's daredevil pursuits. Recognizing the need for authenticity, the production opted for a non-pricey bike, the KTM, over the flashy Ducati or sports bikes that are commonly associated with high-adrenaline action sequences. The decision allowed Ali and the exceptional stunt team to perform the demanding stunts in the desert without resorting to special effects.

With a dedicated commitment to his craft, Ali arrived 25 days prior to the shoot to immerse himself in the world of dirt biking. Starting from the basics of riding on the sandy terrain, he progressively delved into advanced techniques such as executing various skids, mastering different types of turns, and honing his body language to embody his character fully. Collaboration with his talented stunt double was integral to ensuring seamless integration of his performance and the action sequences.

Speaking about his experience, the actor expressed his newfound passion for dirt biking, which has even diverted him from regular road biking in the bustling cities. Despite the challenges, Ali relished the opportunity to work with an incredible stunt team on Kandahar, highlighting the precision and state-of-the-art approach that elevated the film's action sequences.

Kandahar features a star-studded cast, including renowned international actors Gerard Butler, Travis Fimmel, and Navid Negahban. The film made its North American debut over the weekend and is set to enthrall audiences in India soon. 

Fazal's exceptional dedication to mastering dirt biking for his role adds an extra layer of authenticity and excitement to this highly anticipated action thriller.

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