On International Women’s Day, creative director Ekta Bhattacharjee shares her success mantra

Ekta’s creative designing brand Ekta Creative Tales completed a decade in the industry earlier this year

Raima Ganguly Published :  07th March 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  07th March 2023 12:00 AM

Ekta Bhattacharjee

Kolkata based art & creative director Ekta Bhattacharjee started quite early when it comes to venturing into the world of glitz and glamour. Her brand Ekta Creative Tales has recently completed a decade of success with over 3000 designs in film publicity, advertising campaigns, book covers, corporate brand identity, motion designing and more. The lady who considers herself to be a suburban girl, owing to her growing up days in Barrackpore, despite being born in the City of Joy, takes us through her journey in the film industry and more ahead of International Women’s Day. Glimpses:


How did you find your inclination towards art & creative direction?


Since childhood, I have had a deep penchant for painting. My inclination towards art was primarily from the invincible Satyajit Ray. I've religiously admired his illustrations and how he depicted the entire film through his poster designs. My initial aim was to revive the hand- drawn medium but with time, evolution of technology and the growing clientele, we expanded into the digital medium.


Was it challenging to venture into a male-dominated field?


Definitely every career path comes with its own sets of challenges and preconceived notions. But it wasn't difficult personally, because I kept my strong faith in my vision and hard work. Being a woman with no godfather or influential contact and coming from suburb definitely was a hurdle but I eventually carved my path around it with my art and trust in it.


A poster from the house of Ekta Creative Tales


How would you describe your aesthetic?


Whether it's a film or an ad campaign, I always try to grasp the real narrative and purpose behind it and try to depict the same through my designs. My aesthetics involve simplicity, to make a clear communication with the audience so that they can understand the meaning at first glance.


What is that one lesson from your area of expertise that will stay with you?


Some of the major learnings from my work field and expertise are that you have to challenge yourself and push the boundaries everyday. Your strongest competition will always be your last work. Always keep learning, keep yourself grounded and consider your current work or project as your first or last work - first as in to prove that you're capable of genuine good work and last because you might not have another day to prove your worth.


Is there any film that inspired you in terms of your profession? Which is your favourite film genre?


I'm a die-hard romantic at heart and love watching romantic films. Also I'm a huge Uttam Kumar fanatic. Watching 'Memsaheb'  always makes me happy whenever I feel low. "Nayak" too has had a huge impact on me, especially how it showed the journey of an artist growing into a star. The protagonist’s efforts into becoming who he is have always inspired me.


What keeps Ekta busy when she is not working?


I work all day and I don't take any official leave because my work is my biggest motivator. However, on rare occasions when I get some leisure time, I love to spend it with my family and close friends. I also watch various design tutorials and some all-time favourite classics in Bengali and Hindi when I have time. I also make it a point to find out time and read 10-15 pages from any book every single day. I consider myself an old-soul hence; I also listen to a lot of Rabindra Sangeet, compositions by D.L Roy and Bhupinder Singh. These music pieces give me a great sense of peace and calmness. Some of my all-time-favourites are "Tomaro Ashime", "Amra Emni Eshe Bheshe Jai", "Dil dhoondta hai phursat ke raat din".


What are some of your dream collaborations?


I consider myself extremely fortunate to have received the opportunity to work with almost everyone I dreamed of collaborating with. I have always wanted to work with Mithun Chakraborty, Victor Banerjee, Pankaj Tripathi and Manoj Bajpayee. I was fortunate enough to recently get the opportunity to work with Victor Banerjee and it was an amazing experience. I'm really looking forward to collaborating with Mithun Chakraborty someday and tick it off my bucket list.


Ekta with iconic actor Victor Banerjee 


If not an art & creative director, what would you be?


I've been fascinated by filmmaking since my formative years. I've always wanted to tell stories and hopefully with time I will learn more about the craft and try to make a film someday.


Your words for young aspiring creative directors?

My message for the young women out there would be to keep believing in yourself, your talent and your possibilities. As Ralph Waldo said "Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams."