Paloma about town: Bridal style diaries, Onam revelry and a liberal dose of art

Chennai's swish set were plenty busy over the past week with loads of events

author_img Paloma Rao Published :  27th August 2021 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  27th August 2021 07:00 AM

Sruthi Kannath flanked by models at her boutique launch

Onam turned out to be this week’s mega ‘event’, with everyone badly in need of some positive, family-style celebrations. We all enjoyed showing off our white and gold outfits and indulging in the hospitality of our Malayali friends. I for one, made sure all my pictures were taken before lunch because I knew I wouldn’t be able to move after. I was right. And just when I thought I couldn’t eat another bite, the payasam arrived to send me over the edge. Slurp. 


Paloma and Aru all dressed up for Onam

Payasam probably shouldn’t be followed by talking about fitness but hey, ‘a little bit of everything’ right? It was a pretty packed week so here’s a quick recap, starting off with the launch of Fitkits, at a new location — a luxury training studio on CP Ramaswamy Road. Fitness enthusiasts from across the board were excited to check out the hip new space.


Kumar and Hari at the Fitkits launch


On the fashion and beauty front, we saw multiple events starting off with the launch of organic beauty brand D’ Moksha Professionals. Next up was ‘The Shopping Room’, a pop-up by Hermoso at the Tattva studio. It was a mix of food, fashion and a range of lifestyle goodies, drawing quite a crowd. Then it was time for the launch of designer Sruthi Kannath’s boutique. With a huge Instagram following, all going ga-ga over her bridal work, it’s no surprise that this was a much looked forward to event. I’m sure Sruthi had her task cut out for her, trying to keep the guest list small. The evening included a quick showcase with Mehndi Jashnani, as a showstopper. 




Varuna Arvind at the VA Gallery event

With all of the other events happening, its nice to see that Madras Day got its fair share of recognition. At Phoenix MarketCity and Palladium, the day was celebrated with a photo display, while over at Besant Nagar, the team from Davrah was serving up filter coffees for ‘pocket change’ as their take on the celebrations. Meanwhile, at the VA Gallery,  photographer G Venket Ram inaugurated A Moment in Time — a collective of four artists curated by Varuna Arvind and Upasana Asrani. It was a similar vibe at art studio Vennba, celebrating its first anniversary with Folk Phorescence, an exhibition by Manjunath Wali.