Here's how Hyderabadis are partying during the new normal

They have learnt to adapt to the norms and are having their share of fun too. If this isn’t the sheer Hyderabadi spirit of moving on and making the best of the situation, then what is?

author_img Pooja Prabbhan Published :  07th November 2020 08:58 PM   |   Published :   |  07th November 2020 08:58 PM

Farzi Cafe during a post-pandemic do, Pic: S Senbagapandiyan

It’s that time of the year again: when wedding bells chime, party invites keep flooding in, and the air takes on the festive fervour! But nothing quite feels the same in 2020, which we will always remember as the year of the pandemic.

Hyderabad’s once-bustling nightlife has also witnessed a massive rejig with eerily vacant dance floors and stringent protocols. Similarly, Hyderabadi shaadis are now sans the whole glitz, glamour, a few thousand guests and the whole paraphernalia. Did someone ever imagine a wedding in this city with around 50 to 100 people? However, they have learnt to adapt to the norms and are having their share of fun too. If this isn’t the sheer Hyderabadi spirit of moving on and making the best of the situation, then what is?

Bijasa Sahar

Think small
“Since people aren’t able to invite thousands at a wedding anymore, they’re investing that money to host destination weddings, that are more intimate, cleaner and close-knit,” begins Bijasa Sahar, founder, Gold Dust Events, who recently hosted a wedding at the dream-like Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. She says, “Guests flew down from Bengaluru. The security measures and sanitisation checks were upped and there were mandatory temperature checks and social distancing measures maintained.” Millennials seemed to have taken a liking to intimate weddings. Bijasa says, “I’ve seen more weddings this year than last, honestly. But the way they are hosted has changed.” Echoing her sentiments, Sofiya Sujad, wedding designer and curator who helms Sofiya Events, says, “It’s time to warm up to close-knit weddings and events. What can add to an event or a wedding to see that the design elements are imbued with sentiments of intimacy and no-fuss: think more lights but fewer flowers.”

Sofiya Sujad

She also recently curated designer Siddharta Daga’s flagship store launch in the city. Event planner Khalid Syed, who hosted a Valima recently, said one should start planning with safety measures in mind. The key is to put a few guidelines in place. “Keep your guests well-informed on what to expect, in order to lessen the stress and use technology to the fullest,” he says.

Khalid Syed

All about home parties
Another way to let your hair down that is at intimate soirées like house parties. And the folks have learnt to make the best of that. Shruti Sarin, an entrepreneur and event connoisseur, of The Luxe Affaire shares, “Themed costume parties or game nights that include lots of fun drinking games are still popular. One can be hopeful about small, socially-distanced high-tea’s and tash parties, since we’re close to Diwali.”


Distanced dos
As the city slowly gets back to a different kind of normal maybe there are a few things we can keep in mind. It would do us well to remember that it’s always important to stay safe as you party and be mindful of yours and the safety of other revellers! Although the scenes at pubs could feel a bit like those from a dystopian sci-fi film, people here prefer to stick to the norms, and maintain distance on the dance floors and make sure that no revelry flouts the norm. That’s the only way one can get back to living one’s life then so be it! Sateesh Polkam, general manager at Farzi Cafe, “I think never losing sight of the precautions, never getting lax about them is of utmost importance. The parties are limited and only table service is offered. Once the tables are occupied, we do not allow people to enter.” In case you were wondering and missing your favourite gigs, let us tell you that DJs have started coming back on stage at socially-distanced events too. DJ Duo Answer recently performed at Prism Club & Kitchen in the city after seven months! “We were both nervous and excited to get back on stage after seven months! It almost felt like our first show. We could see that the audience was excited too,” says one half of the duo,

Answer at a pre-pandemic do

Arjun Nair. Meanwhile, his teammate Nishanth Naidu maintains, “Since clubs like Prism, for instance, have a huge space, it was easy to distance the tables from each other. Strangely enough, there was no dance floor, but only table service to ensure safety.” Now, Hyderabadis might not party like they used to in the pre-pandemic times, but one can say slowly but steadily the city is coming back to life and we do feel positive about it!