'What Killed Maradona?' a new documentary on the legendary footballer looks at the causes of his death

It features interviews with writers and journalists who have followed Maradona's life

author_img Rohit Mundayur Published :  16th January 2021 11:49 AM   |   Published :   |  16th January 2021 11:49 AM
Diego Maradona (File Photo: IANS)

Diego Maradona (File Photo: IANS)

Football legend Diego Maradona died on November 25, 2020. His death had been attributed to a heart attack but it wasn't this alone that caused arguably the greatest footballer of all time to die at the age of 60.

The Discovery Plus documentary "What Killed Maradona?" tries to put across this point. It features interviews with writers and journalists who have followed Maradona's life along with his former fitness trainer Fernando Signorini and his former Napoli team mate and captain Giuseppe Bruscolotti. It also features interviews with health experts and psychologists who give a perspective on the kind of rough nature of the sport in the era that Maradona was playing in, the rudimentary manner in which he was medicated for his injuries and his addiction to alcohol and cocaine kept chipping away at his health, particularly the strength of his heart.

Additionally, it also gives a brief insight into the mental and physical toll that comes with the kind of adulation that Maradona received. One of the ways in which he coped with it is by separating himself into two different individuals -- "Diego" was the player whose job was to play football and take care of his family while "Maradona" is the larger than life figure that people in Naples and Argentina adore.

Just over 40 minutes long, the assortment of individuals that lend their voices along with footage from Maradona's playing days and after helps the documentary paper over the repetitive nature of the footage and, towards the latter stages, a few abrupt editing cuts. It isn't quite the same territory as Asif Kapadia's account of Maradona's years in Italy but gives enough information to provide a sense of closure to those fans of the legendary forward who still suspect foul play in his death.