Stand-up comedienne Sonali Thakker talks about her upcoming show, Almost There

The Mumbai-based artiste will perform in Hyderabad with her one-hour special, Almost There.

A Harini Prasad Published :  25th May 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  25th May 2018 06:00 AM

Sonali Thakker

Sonali Thakker might have had quite the humdrum story about how she gave up Chartered Accountancy (CA) and moved to a creative art form. However, her comedy isn’t as clichéd as the predicament that led her to being a comedienne. With shows mostly based on her personal life, the Mumbai-based artiste likes to call her comedy ‘autobiographical’. “Travel, family and relationships are a few topics I will discuss in my latest one-hour special,” says the 28-year-old. Her upcoming show, Almost There, is a culmination of her previous shows and jokes. So much that her script this time also has the first joke she ever wrote four years ago. “Having a one-hour show is an achievement for any stand-up. So I’m almost there and that’s exactly why I named it so,” she informs.

In 2014, Sonali started out in the stand-up industry by going for open mics and supporting acts. While her initial plans were to be a CA, it all changed when she was introduced to comedy by her friend, who also happens to be a comedian. “I watched his show more than five times. The sixth time, I knew I wanted to be there,” shares the Aditi Mittal-inspired artiste. Despite being one of the popular comediennes in the English stand-up circuit, Sonali claims to be nervous before every show – whether it’s a 15-minute opening act or an hour special. “I do prepare quite in advance. Only five to ten per cent of my jokes are improvised on stage. But there’s music – my saviour,” she says, quoting her backstage ritual.

As a woman stand-up, Sonali is not the one to mince words when the discussion is about women empowerment. In fact, she hopes to be an inspiration for other women. “Every time people ask a woman about being successful, it’s good. We then see women readers being inspired and that’s the aim,” she states.

Ticket: Rs.399. 8.30 pm onwards.
At Heart Cup Coffee, Jubilee Hills.