Live. Love. Loaf. is a theatrical poetry show that explores the topic of safety in public spaces

Live. Love. Loaf., a show conceptualised by spoken word artiste Nupur Saraswat

Anagha M Published :  29th July 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  29th July 2022 12:00 AM
Nupur Saraswat

Nupur Saraswat

Live. Love. Loaf., a show conceptualised by spoken word artiste Nupur Saraswat, questions the whos and whys of loitering and lingering. Using the medium of theatrical poetry, which is a mix of spoken word, theatre, music, and movement, Nupur examines the absence of women in public spaces. The experimental, four-act show goes on stage in the coming week. 

Live. Love. Loaf. is closely tied to the question of safety of women and other marginalised communities in public spaces. Most debates surrounding women and safety are derived from the place of danger, rather than pleasure. Everyone understands that women need to be protected, but the show asks — for what? Will public policies and vigilante justice be interested in protecting women in pursuit of aimless fun? When they are just hanging out? I believe that loitering, the right to just have fun, and the right to take risks, are the true tests of the progressiveness of a city,” Nupur shares. 

Through the performance, the two-hour show wants to reclaim acts of acts of loitering, loafing and lingering, and asks questions such as who has the freedom to loaf around, and why not women. Nupur adds, “We also explore acts such as solo travelling, the ‘gaze’ of the streets, and the socio-economic structures that are behind these.” The one-woman show follows a nonlinear format. The medium of theatrical poetry is liberating and allows Nupur to explore multiple mediums of expression. “It is unconditional, without thresholds and prerequisites. It’s a pleasure to be practising an artform that is non-judgemental and expressive. It tells the story that needs to be told – urgently, willfully, with bold intentions,” she sums up.

Entry free. August 3, 7.30 pm. At Bangalore International Centre, Domlur