Siddhant Sharma is the title winner of Stage 3

 Siddhant Sharma swept everyone off their feet in the season finale of Stage 3 on Colors Infinity

Vaishali V Published :  04th December 2017 04:38 PM   |   Published :   |  04th December 2017 04:38 PM

From top 50 to 35 to season winner, Siddhant Sharma is known for his unique Rock n roll flavor. This wasn't his first attempt in the show. "I couldn't continue in the last season after top 50, so I wanted to give it a shot this year again," says Siddhant. It was a two in one win for him- he received a Renault Kwid and a contract with MTV Music Project. The finale song that he performed was Too Much Love Will Kill You by the rock band, Queen. He speaks with Indulge about his taste for music, experience on the show and his other likings. Excerpt: 

How does it feel to be the title winner of the biggest English show in India? 

It was a weird feeling. Every time I stepped on to the stage I wanted to enjoy whatever I like doing the most. So when I got to know the results, I was actually stunned.

Happy moments from the show?

Surprisingly, I was the highest rated artiste three times in a row. 

Since when are you singing? 

I started last year in May. The Stage two auditions were happening in Delhi during June and that was where I met Kunal, Natasha and all these people there. Although I made it to the top 50 contestants, I couldn't go any further. And then this season I made it to top 16, top 12 and the title winner. 

What do you do apart from singing? 

I moved from Kolkata to Darjeeling for my schooling. And then did my animation and graphic designing course. Suddenly I wanted to focus only on music so I quit college. I am more of do what your heart says.

How did you balance music with other activities? 

I chose music over my college. 

Did you take classes for music? 

One good thing that has not happened to me is that I am not trained. Although professional training is a guide, a lot of people get lost during the process. If I were trained then I wouldn't probably be doing Rock n Roll and I would be doing something that is commercial and selling in the market. I knew what I wanted to do and then I started shaping myself for it. 

Have you performed before this? 

 I have performed with bands in the Inter-college fests. 

What is special about Stage Three? 

In a country where people who adapt westernisation and lifestyle that is western, but when it comes to music they like only desi. When Bollywood music rules everywhere inside the country, this show has given a different dimension to English music. This show isn't about drama or crying scenes or anything of that sort but merely about performing well and respect for singing.

A thing or two you picked up from the show? 

If you can accept and adore your voice and flaunt your flaws then nothing like it. And no matter what genre you pick, express it in your individual way. Imitating others ain't going to help in the long run. 

A secret mantra?

Vocal warm-ups are very important along with a bit of physical exercise. The lighter you feel the better you can move on stage. 

What else do you do apart from singing? 
I love riding bikes. 

How different is it performing in a cultural and a reality show? 

In music, there is no first, second or third. It is not a sport. Everyone has their own weakness and strengths. No matter where you are, just perform. 

Which performance of yours do you like the most?

Actually, the rounds where I haven't performed well. Because they give me an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. 

Quick three

Indian artiste- Vishal Dadlani

Genre of music- Classic rock and heavy metal

Favourite brand- Led Zeplin and Pink Floyd