5 Times the miraculous Jonathan Goodwin defied death

Have a look at these 5 groundbreaking escapes of Jonathan Goodwin we’re sure will bring you at the edge of your seats-

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5 Times the Miraculous Jonathan Goodwin defied death

Jonathan Goodwin


Imagine being sealed in an air tight bag, firing a rifle blindfolded in front of stunned onlookers or hanging on a burning rope- just the thought of it makes us all jittery, right? But, for popular escapologist and daredevil Jonathan Goodwin, it is a cakewalk! Known for breaking boundaries and crossing extreme limits with life threatening stunts, Mr. Goodwin has it in him to take on the challenge to experiment and test the art and physics behind these escapes.

Sony BBC Earth new series, Incredible Mr. Goodwin, shows the finest risk-taker attempting to pull spectacular feats of out-of-this-world bravery, agility and physical strength. Whether it is about being buried alive in a coffin or trapped in a box with 200,000 bees, Jonathan is up and ready for all kinds of death-defying adventures. Have a look at these 5 groundbreaking escapes of Jonathan Goodwin we’re sure will bring you at the edge of your seats-


  • Escaping a rocket launched Car/ Escape or be rocketed off

Launch and Bam!! Imagine being dragged off a cliff by a car installed with rockets, that’s exactly what’s happening with Jonathan. In this fatal yet an exciting stunt for Jonathan, he is locked to a rocket launched car on a cliff 200 feet above the ground. In a matter of 30 seconds in this life and death situation Jonathan needs to pick the padlock that locks him to the car or be dragged down to his death.





  • The Deadliest Free Climb

Skyscrapers are unarguably the most defined architectures and Mr. Goodwin does the hazardous crawl with absolute ease. Without suspensions, or safety measures he climbs up the skyscraper in an attempt to reach halfway up. Adding on to the already dangerous stunt is the unexpected rain storm that comes his way. We’re only holding on to our breath by looking at this!



  • A Fatal Truck Ride

Our professional danger-man does it all. Involving a truck in an airplane runway with cameras set up and two witnesses present, Jonathan performs the most dangerous stunt which requires great timing and strength. He crawls across the belly of the truck before it hits a speed breaker. It’s all a matter of perfect timing before he actually gets run over by the truck.


  • The Craziest Helicopter Ride

Fancy a trapeze bar? Well, watch Jonathan hang upside down from it, attached to a helicopter! It doesn’t end here, to stop your breaths even further he is hand-cuffed to his back and also tied to a car with a rope 200ft long. His biggest challenge is to get out of those cuffs before the helicopter reaches the maximum height of 200 feet causing the rope to eventually pull him down in a fatal fall to the ground. That’s taking craziness to the T!




  • The ride of a lifetime on the London Eye

With years of practice and testing, Jonathan indulges in the most dangerous stunt of his lifetime. Before the locales of London, Jonathan is strapped to a strait jacket and hanged upside down on a rope suspended from the London Eye. He needs to free himself off the strait jacket before the rope catches fire and snaps. Within a span of 100 seconds he has to succeed and attach himself to the rescue line. This is one of the biggest projects Jonathan has been involved in. Whether he succeeds at this life challenging act is for you to watch and go into a guaranteed frenzy!

Impossible is merely a challenge for an extraordinary man like Jonathan Goodwin! Get, set, go as Mr. Incredible Goodwin takes you on a roller coaster ride into the world of power-packed action, starting 22nd October at 10PM only on Sony BBC Earth.