The Vanishing of Sidney Hall premieres this Sunday on &flix

Watch this mysterious Flix First Premiere about novelist Sidney Hall

author_img   |   Published :   |  20th February 2019 06:23 PM

The Vanishing of Sidney Hall will premiere this Sunday on &Flix. The film that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival at Utah has been directed by Shawn Christensen and stars Logan Lerman, Elle Fanning, Michelle Monaghan, Nathan Lane and Kyle Chandler.

This mystery drama follows the life of Sidney Hall, a novelist who gets the taste of success too soon. Being a non-conformist all through his teenage years, the film depicts his journey through flashbacks and flash-forwards. Sidney follows his passion to write with no one to support him, other than his English professor and his new girlfriend Melody.  Everything is going fine for Sidney until he finds a set of tapes which have recordings of Judge Newport. The tapes that eventually get destroyed in a fire lead to the suicide of Brett (Judge Newport’s son), inspiring Sidney to write his first yet controversial novel called "Suburban Tragedy." The book on one hand was a huge success but on the other led to a series of unfortunate events in the life of Sidney Hall, including the sad death of his now wife, Melody. The novelist then goes absconding for a good five years until a detective goes in search of him.

Does Sidney Hall get back to a normal life? Could he have handled success better? Watch this mysterious Flix First Premiere to find out.

The Vanishing of Sidney Hall this Sunday, February 24 at 9 PM only on &flix