BFFs special: On Best Friends Day, here are all the stars we love on Amazon Prime Video

This Best Friend Day, Amazon Prime Video celebrates different kinds of friendships.

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Good Omens

Good Omens

There is no real definition of best friends, each definition is unique and personal to the people who share it.

Gone are the days where we associate friendship to F.R.I.E.N.D.S., this Best Friend Day, Amazon Prime Video celebrates different kinds of friendships.

We suggest you and a best friend spend your weekend binge-watching these Amazon Originals and relive your best friend moments all over again.

Crowley and Aziraphale 
Good Omens 

The 8.6 IMDb show, Good Omens is an apocalyptic tale that centres around an unlikely friendship of an overly zealous angel, Aziraphale and a snarky demon Crowley.

They have been friends for around six millennia, the two celestial field agents live their life among humans while sharing an unacceptable bond of friendship.

Good Omens is a perfect take on how can opposites attract and even though they may be poles apart, in this case, Heaven and Hell, Crowley and Aziraphale have built a relationship based on mutual love and respect.

Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Midge Maisel and Susie 
Marvelous Mrs Maisel

At one glance, Midge and Susie are everything short of being friends let alone best friends.

Midge is an upper-class Jew living in a fancy apartment in the Upper West Side in Manhattan, who spends most of her time shopping for the latest trends if she isn’t organising parties.

On the other hand, Susie is a club booker at a shady club - Gaslight, she lives in a cramped apartment, almost the size of Midge' coat cupboard.

Even though they have strikingly different personalities, they do share a strong friendship where they can be brutally honest with each other, care for each other and most importantly be each other’s number one cheerleader.

This goes to show that you don’t always have to be ‘two peas in a pod’ to be best friends.


Fleabag and Boo
Fleabag an IMDb 8.5 rated show that tells a story of a dry-witted woman who is trying to cope with a tragedy.

The angry grief-riddled protagonist, Fleabag, tries to heal herself by rejecting anyone who tries to lend a helping hand. Fleabag and her best friend Boo were joint to the hip, they ran a café together. 

When Boo tragically dies in a car accident, which somewhat happens to be Fleabag’s fault, she tries to drown the reality with her dry humour.

She is so overwhelmed by the death of her best friend, that she blames herself for, sets her on a self-sabotage mode. 

Made in Heaven

Tara and Arjun
Made in Heaven 

India’s most loved Amazon Original, Made in Heaven, maybe against the backdrop of a Big Fat Indian Wedding revealing many secrets and many lies as the show progresses, but is also around the lives of two best friends, Tara and Arjun.

The best friend duo are not only business partners, but also share a relationship where they understand each other’s faults and failings, as well as support each other through their complicated lives, till death does them apart.

It goes to show that great relationships are not always about romance!

Four More Shots Please!

Siddhi, Damini, Anjana and Umang 
Four More Shots Please!

Four female best friends from different walks of life deal with romance, work-life conflicts, ambitions and anxieties as the face the modern Indian society, together.

The best friends are not only each other’s champions but also confidants, therapists and most importantly a family tied together not by blood but by love, care and concern.