Chef Sunil Datt Rai of The Crossing will be in the city for Masters of Marriott Bonvoy

The meet and greet session will take place on October 13th, followed by dining experiences over the next three days

Raima Ganguly Published :  12th October 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  12th October 2022 12:00 AM

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Masters of Marriott Bonvoy is on a mission to change the city foodscape by bringing in some of the world’s greatest chefs here. After a successful stint with chef Manish Mehrotra onboard from Indian Accent, JW Marriott Kolkata is all set to host Chef Sunil Datt Rai, Head of Gastronomy of LemonButter, the parent company of The Crossing, Dubai.


The Crossing was launched in 2020 and has emerged as one of the most revered destinations for elevated Indian cuisine, helmed by three Indians from different parts of the country. Chef Sunil will be curating his signature dishes inspired by a more offbeat side with food from the Rajput kitchens, hidden gems from North East India, and simple yet robust recipes from India’s massive coastline.


The Crossing stands true to its name by bringing in shared Indian experiences through different cultures that coexist in the subcontinent.


Chef Sunil will be recreating his signature specialties with the celebrated in-house chefs of the JW Marriott Kolkata for three exclusive dining experiences over the weekend.


What: Masters of Marriott Bonvoy

Where: JW Marriott Kolkata

When: October 14- 16

Price: Rs. 6500++