Nakit Handcrafted Fine Jewellery is offering a range of hassle-free alternatives to cumbersome high jewellery

In need of some easy and practical jewellery for your jet-setting itinerary? Nakit Handcrafted Fine Jewellery is offering up a range of convenient alternatives to replace your cumbersome pieces

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A statement ring by Nakit Handcrafted Fine Jewellery

Several labels from the city are exploring the trend of hassle-free fine jewellery - elaborate bling that’s practical, easier to travel with and won’t be affected by inconvenient custom regulations. Nakit Handcrafted Fine Jewellery is another destination which popped up right in time to make your Diwali and the next wedding season much easier.

A range of Nakit's hand-crafted earrings

Tucked away in Vardaan Market, the store should really be your go-to stop when it comes to wearable statement jewellery if you’re weary of heavy, cumbersome festive pieces. The brand is curating a line-up featuring authentic Swarovski gemstones and Sterling silver which can give your designer numbers a run for their money. 

An elaborate Swarovski bracelet by Nakit Handcrafted Fine Jewellery

“The idea behind this brand was always to offer a unique niche high-end hand-crafted numbers, we have a team of designers who put a lot of thought into creating each piece, which is why every number is one-of-a-kind. For destination weddings especially, people are nervous to carry their expensive jewellery, our pieces have an incredible finish and can easily replace your high jewellery number, especially when you are travelling. We are even offering customisation services, if anyone has their own design we can cater to their needs as well,” Julie Bengani, the owner of Nakit Handcrafted Fine Jewellery, tells us. We found a pair of stunning multi-layered bangles featuring clear-cut Swarovski gems on a silver base and some easy and chic chunky studs which make for impeccable occasion wear.

“We are not limiting ourselves, anyone and everyone with a taste for fine jewellery can wear our pieces. And the feedback we’ve been receiving has been amazing, people love our detailing and many of our customers have agreed that these can be easy alternatives to their heavier pieces,” Ankit Sarogia of Nakit Handcrafted Fine Jewellery tells us.

A pair of chunky oversized studs 

He shows us a stunning panelled necklace from their signature collection featuring pear-cut and cushion-cut gemstones. “Something like this with real diamonds will break the bank! But this is just priced at just Rs 60,000! So, when someone has to take it overseas it eases their anxieties as well,” Ankit adds. 

We also found some amazingly chic shoulder-duster danglers featuring Swarovski gems and some coloured stones, and some very wearable studs and solitaires. In fact, you’ll find an impressive curation of intricately-crafted solitaire rings at the store which is extremely economical. “I think what gives us an edge is that we are handcrafting our pieces and not going for machine-made options at all, so each piece has a unique value. For instance, you can find a minimalistic solitaire for say, Rs 9,500,” we are told.