Diane Singh’s line of handmade jewellery strengthens Jaipur’s claim as a powerhouse of experimental design

The design label you wish you discovered sooner...

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  10th January 2020 01:43 AM   |   Published :   |  10th January 2020 01:43 AM

Let's explore the Jaipur-based jewellery label

Diane Singh has been designing jewellery for more than a decade now, and has finally found her niche in contemporary design influenced and shaped by heritage artistry. Her Jaipur-based eponymous label bridges the gap between modern minimalism and age-old design traditions; her line-up boasts of one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery designed by skilled homegrown artists, and is inspired by the five elements of earth. So, how does Jaipur, the home of maximalism, fair when it comes to low-key, experimental bling? Diane helps us understand:

Tell us how the label was conceived

After working for many years in the jewellery industry, designing for European and Indian brands, I opened my own concept jewellery store in Jaipur in 2012. I started my own label Diane Singh in 2016 and I launched my website in 2017. I’d like to think of my brand of jewellery as bodacious, elegant and contemporary.

A look at Diane Singh's Mahiri collection

Tell us a little about how you approach elemental minimalist jewellery

I draw my inspiration from the elements surrounding my everyday life, such as the timeless artistic carvings, spiritual symbols, the rich tribal designs rooted in India. I place focus on details while staying true to materials like silver, gold, natural gemstones and their natural imperfections. 

My line-up is based on the Five Elements of Life (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Space) and is deeply inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India and the essence of nature.  

Dainty necklaces from Singh's line-up

Has the city of Jaipur influenced your work, since it's a powerhouse of design ?

My designs are deeply inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Jaipur. Living in Jaipur has allowed me to draw a creative process not just from the grandeur of the palaces and royal history, but also from the streets, colours, people and spiritual symbols that lie in everyday life. My first collection was directly inspired by the Mughal carving of the city palace and the last Maharani, Gayatri Devi.

Statement cocktail rings featuring natual gemstones

What are the substances you use the most and where do you source them from?

I only work with silver and gold plated 18ct, I source it directly from Jaipur.

I use semi-precious gemstones, I get it cut for each design. I source it individually from different manufacturers and gems dealers in Jaipur.

Tell us how you feel about the Indian approach to wearable jewellery

The Indian approach towards silver jewellery in the last decade has evolved, towards the fact that jewellery can be aesthetic and not just a valuable purchase.

In the last few years I am getting more and more Indian clients and we are now stocking our Jewellery in 11 different stores all over India.

A pair of monochrome earrings by Diane Singh

Can you tell us what you're working on next?

My next collection Helios is inspired by the Greek god of Sun, it is a collection of accessible pieces which fuse traditional Indian techniques with the soul of minimalistic and elegant Greek twist. The line-up has jewels which can brighten your day and lighten your mood with the gemstones which are chosen for their cuts and shape by myself.