Demi Lovato's makeup artiste reveals the hack for her tear-proof Grammy look

Lovato's makeup artiste Mario Dedivanovic revealed how he perfected the singer's eye makeup for her super teary performance

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Everyone's talking about Demi's Grammy number

The whole world's talking about Demi Lovato's super teary Grammy performance where she debuted a brand new gritty song titled Anyone. Demi revealed she had penned the song just days before her last tragic overdose. The singer, who has always been open about her struggles with addiction, and naturally broke into tears as she performed the number on the Grammy stage.

Demi broke down in tears as she sang Anyone on the Grammy stage

While Twitter immediately lauded Demi's brave performance, you may be surprised to know that the moment was planned to the T, which gave the singer's makeup artiste some time to plan the kind of makeup he could use on the star so she wouldn't have mascara streaks all over her face. "When I saw the tear coming down my heart starting beating so fast. But nothing moved," makeup guru Mario Dedivanovic said on Instagram referring to the singer's eye makeup, which remained intact throughout her set.

Mario also revealed all the products he used on Demi for her look

For our benefit, Mario revealed on Instagram every product he used to achieve the super reliable tear-proof makeup, and also the secret hack involved. "For a big performance, powder is key," Dedivanovic said. The artiste primarily set the undereye area with a long-lasting setting powder in almond shade. He admitted that it is very important to make use of the holding power of a setting powder while settling a tear-proof mascara.

For keeping the natural tonality and radiance of the under-eye area under heavy lighting, he avoids sweeping powder on cheekbones and instead focuses on the sides of the nose, chin, and forehead and of course, the under-eye area.

Mario is also the go-to makeup guy for Kim Kardashian West

Mario of course, also used waterproof mascara, which also had volumizing properties in high-density black. Another essential which will keep your mascara intact is a blur primer which you can use while you're setting the base; Mario used a blur primer in a silver shade which also added a subtle sheen to Demi's high points.