Handweaving an entrepreneurial dream

Rajasree Nambiar has been making unique dreamcatchers for many years now

author_img Pooja Chandran Published :  27th April 2022 07:06 PM   |   Published :   |  27th April 2022 07:06 PM
Rajasree Nambiar's work

Rajasree Nambiar's work

Dreamcatchers are mystical pieces that add beauty to any indoors or outdoors they are a part of. Rajasree Nambiar, an artist based in Kannur with a passion for artistry, has been professionally making dreamcatchers for the past five years and mural paintings since she was 17.

“It all started when I saw a dreamcatcher in my friend’s car. I was fascinated by it. Out of curiosity, I learned how to make it through YouTube,” she says. So far, Rajasree has sold over 150 customised dreamcatchers. Her charming pieces have takers across India, especially in Mumbai and Calcutta. “It’s humbling to get orders. That makes me more responsible about my entrepreneurship,” she says. Currently, the business is online.

Her dreamcatchers have a beautiful blend of colours, feathers, hearts and beads in fine circular weaves. “Previously I tried using seasoned woollen threads for spinning.But now, dreamcatcher threads are available in markets, and they are far better than woollen threads as they will remain intact,” she says.

Apart from dreamcatchers, she also makes customised boxes, gifts, resin works, clocks, keychains, fridge magnets and cards on demand. While dreamcatchers for your room are priced at Rs 1000, those for your cars cost Rs. 300. 

Rajashree has conducted three exhibitions so far — two in Kannur and the other in Kochi. “During the pandemic, I could pull off my business well,” she says. As she is looking forward to elaborating her ventures, a plan to bring forth considerable novelty in artworks are underway. She says that fusion in dreamcatchers that have windpipes and merge soft sounds are the latest of her ideas.
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