Nike launches maternity collection in India

The sports, apparel, and footwear brand's collection Nike (M) is aimed to support women during all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

author_img Team Indulge Published :  11th August 2022 05:03 PM   |   Published :   |  11th August 2022 05:03 PM

Earlier this week, Nike announced the launch of its maternity collection, Nike (M), in India. The collection was first launched by the sports, apparel, and footwear brand in 2020 in key global markets. On Tuesday, it was launched on the brand's website and will hit the stores in September.

An example of Nike's inclusive design philosophy, Nike (M) is created by combining pregnancy data findings with analytics from more than 150,000  comparison scans of non-pregnant women against those of pregnant women. Throughout the design process, designers also gathered detailed feedback on fit, feel and function from nearly 30 female athletes who were pregnant or postpartum. 


Swoosh bra and leggings from the collection


"Being a mother isn’t a one size fits all role, and we applied that mindset with our inclusive design approach while creating the Nike (M) collection,” says Carmen Zolman, Nike VP of Innovation Apparel Design. “The more we listened to expecting mothers and  postpartum mothers, the more we learned and reworked the capsule to fully support her relationship with sport and movement during such a transformative time in her life.”  

Motherhood is also a new chapter for a woman’s relationship with her body and with sport, and it’s often difficult for pregnant and postpartum moms to find the support they need to find sport and keep moving. Nike (M) was designed and tested for mothers, by mothers, to give her the freedom to move however she wants throughout her entire pregnancy journey. 

The Nike (M) collection is a five-piece essentials capsule consisting of a bra, tank, pullover, leggings, and shorts.