Mumbai-based Studio Renn makes a debut in Chennai for just this weekend!

Studio Renn debuts in the city with their brand new collection that celebrates imperfection
Pieces from (An)otherness
Pieces from (An)otherness

True to the name Renn, which can be considered a short-form of renaissance or rebirth, Mumbai-based Studio Renn specialises in the development of jewellery as precious wearables that are ‘beautifully imperfect’ — a redefining of what can be considered beautiful.  A passion project by wife and husband duo Roshni Jhaveri and Rahul Jhaveri, the brand makes its maiden visit to Chennai  with their latest collection — (An)otherness — a study of impressions and perceptions, inspired by a series of sketches, made for the studio, by visual artist Prashant Salvi.

“Rahul heads design, while I handle marketing. Rahul comes from a background in diamond manufacturing and therefore the lowest hanging fruit was jewellery and that’s how the studio came about. Neither of us are formally trained in it, though Rahul has been designing jewellery for family and friends for over ten years. The studio just formalised that into a structure,” explains Roshni.

Shadows, air gaps, volume and textures are used to lend life to their designs that are also defined by atrophy; reverse-set and hidden gemstones; and asymmetric arrangements. The collection features pieces with Burmese ruby and sapphires, Zambian emeralds and diamonds crafted in white, yellow and rose gold and accented with blackened and high-gloss finishes.

 “We’re bringing the whole collection down to Chennai. You’ll see rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants that incorporate concrete with gold and diamonds, you’ll see techniques where rose gold has been polished to a high gloss finish that reflects hidden gemstones in the piece and a lot of pieces that explore ‘incompleteness’ and therefore rawness in materials like gold and diamonds,” Roshni concludes.

INR 2,500 onwards. Today and tomorrow. At Collage.

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