Juicy Chemistry celebrates its fourth anniversary with a range of deodorant roll-ons and more

Four years later, there isn’t anything that is vaguely body and skincare related that you will not find under the brand

Rebecca Vargese Published :  24th August 2018 03:52 PM   |   Published :   |  24th August 2018 03:52 PM


They started out with a range of scrubs and soaps. Four years later, there isn’t anything that is vaguely body and skincare related that you will not find under the brand, Juicy Chemistry. Megha Asher, co-founder of the city-based certified organic skincare brand, remembers year one like it was yesterday. “We just had a minimalistic range. Nothing fancy, just the basics.” But with a philosophy that all raw material must be sourced from the source, there is nothing basic about the exotic ingredients that find their way into Juicy Chemistry’s products. Introducing the market to a range of roll-on deodorants, face masks and eye serums the first of the new products that will launch on their anniversary today is a lime, geranium and mint deodorant, a Kakadu plum face mask and a prickly pear eye serum. 

Dedicating over six months to research and product development, Megha tells us that each product is sent for value certification before it is manufactured for the shelf. “We’ve always maintained a strict only organic and preservative-free policy. But with our organic certification, the vetting process is slightly longer.” Working with over 350 ingredients sourced from 100 countries, this entrepreneur tells us that one of their most loved and key ingredient is the helichrysum, which is sourced from Croatia. Known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial capabilities, the founder believes that each of the products should be thought of as a nutrient source for the skin.

Set to hit shelves next week as part of the festivities, we get a sneak peek of the other products on offer. Catering to a teenage and active lifestyle segment, Juicy Chemistry is set to roll out a charcoal and tea tree deodorant, while a rose and helichrysum floral scent is also in the works. Working towards expanding their market the brand will be launching exclusive stores in Chennai, Bengaluru, and Mumbai by the next financial year. 

Deodorants start at Rs 700 for 50 gm.