Embrace the concept of slow fashion with the organic label Pomogrenade 

Pomogrenade is an ethically responsible, organic label relying on slow fashion to bring about a bigger change
Sensei Upcycled Kimono by Pomogrenade
Sensei Upcycled Kimono by Pomogrenade

SLOW FASHION IS steadily gaining quite the momentum as more and more people are investing in an ethically-produced wardrobe, and are questioning the origins of their clothes. The concept of ‘slow fashion’ prioritises comfort and sustainability over trends, and Bengaluru-based label Pomogrenade is taking some significant leaps towards validating this movement. The brand, that was launched in 2016, is coming up with chic adaptable clothing, made of upcycled fabrics, and has a huge focus on wearability. “We primarily work on classic styles, and come up with just one or two collections per year, and we don’t essentially follow trends. That’s the exact opposite of what fast fashion does. Whatever we design, we make sure it can be worn in more than one way, so it’s adaptable and stays in your wardrobe for longer. For instance, we have come up with a dress that you can also wear as a jacket. Its back portion can also be worn as a front,” says Aiswarya Kutty, who co-owns the brand with Madhulikha Umapathy. Pomogrenade is taking significant steps to reduce wastage, and consistently makes use of recycled fabrics.

The label has partnered with a Bengaluru-based non-governmental organisation called The Ant, which is a charitable establishment, dedicated to rural development in NorthEastern India. “The Ant does a lot of work for communities as well as some export work, and we collect their waste or leftover fabric samples. We just used some of it to create a range of free-size kimonos,” Aiswarya reveals. Pomogrenade only uses natural fabrics, like khadi and vegan silk, which is made from lotus stems, and their line-up features Western apparel like tops, dresses, tunics, jacket dresses, and quirky Obi belts. Pomogrenade’s breezy triple decker kimonos and three-way jacket dresses are some of the most versatile summerwear you can shop for this season. “At Pomogrenade we believe in working with an ecosystem of supporters. Our focus is to spread love and build camaraderie. Demolish the hate with love, love for self. Take care of nature the way it cares for you,” the brand says on its Facebook page. Though millennials and Generation-Z are war ming up to slow fashion quite heartily, Aiswarya reveals that Pomogrenade’s line-up appeals to all age groups. “We have teenagers coming to us, as well as people who are in their 40s and 50s. I think classic designs really help us connect with a wider range of people as it caters to every demographic,” says Aiswarya. She also tells us that as a label, Pomogrenade works towards making sustainable fashion accessible to everybody, and thus, most of their pieces come with economical price tags.

Prices from `599 to `3,500. You can shop Pomogrenade’s numbers from a couple of outlets in Bangalore, and also place orders online.

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