Luxe jewellery label Zaza offers a retro look with a modern touch

Luxury jewellery label Zaza by Somya offers a curation of chic Indic elements, made to suit every millennials’ desire for individualistic statement wear

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  29th March 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  29th March 2019 12:00 AM

The Vaya necklace by Zaza

Somya Poddar’s luxe daily wear jewellery label Zaza speaks for an ideal sense of convergence — of retro ornateness and modernity. The year-old brand draws inspiration from Indic elements, as Somya wanted each piece to be an embodiment of old-world traditions and yet resonate with modern, free-spirited women. The designer tells us she found inspiration in the Vedic Era, when women were fearlessly feminine. “Our jewellery focuses on earthiness mixed with surrealism.

From minimal to elaborate, complete with a touch of radiance, each of our pieces have been handcrafted by skilled karigars,” offers Somya, whose brand is already on the radar of fashionistas across the country. Zaza’s pieces are crafted keeping the aesthetic of the Indic era in mind, and you’ll find their jewellery to be unapologetic in its chic grandeur. We were struck by the futuristic vibe in some of the pieces — exactly the kind of refreshing numbers we want our dailywear lookbooks to feature.

An Indic-inspired metallic headgear by Zaza

Their Nakshatra earrings, for instance, are chandelier-style danglers, with a chrome gold finish and chic embellishments. One of our favourite pieces is the Kumbha earrings — an arc-shaped piece featuring chunky semi-precious stones, which makes for a perfect luxury daily wear option. “We stress on versatility and we really want to make jewellery for women of all ages. We mostly use brass and silver with authentic semi-precious stones, and also wood, acrylic, cord and leather,” adds the designer, who was trained at The Jewellery Design And Technology Institute in Noida. And, if you’re wondering how leather and wood could fit into Zaza’s luxury jewellery spectrum, you ’re likely to be surprised.

Lavanya earrings featuring metal accents by Zaza

The Tarumala necklace, for example, is inspired by the banyan tree, and features geometric metallic clasps, which hold the neutral-coloured chords together; the piece is accented by a waterfall style design featuring small metallic bits. Or consider the Lavanya earrings, a beautifully assembled piece featuring a statement rectangular metallic centre, accented with colourful hanging chords. Expectedly, Zaza has quickly found quite a solid fan base amid millennials in the city.

The Jhara necklace made of tassels and metallic leaves by Zaza

“We have received phenomenal love and appreciation for our creations, in a short time frame. Of course, we owe this to our loyal customers who showered their indelible trust on us and motivated us to design unique pieces for them,” says Somya, also revealing that a flagship store is on the cards. Zaza’s jewellery is also surprisingly thrifty. The neckpieces start from Rs 4,000 and go upto Rs 10,000. The earrings cost between Rs 3,000 to Rs 7,500, and the rings start from Rs 2,500, going up to Rs 5,000. Zaza’s pieces are frequently on display at fashion and lifestyle exhibitions in the city, while the label is also available in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Indore, Pune and Surat. To purchase Zaza’s pieces, get in touch with them directly on social media.