Living in rips & cuts

Be it ethnic or casual, the rustic look is an evergreen fad. Designers tell which fabrics look great lived-in and how to nail the carefree look

author_img Mayank Tiwari Published :  28th December 2021 10:35 PM   |   Published :   |  28th December 2021 10:35 PM

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We all buy ripped or faded denims, sometimes rustic-looking or heavily distressed leather jackets. These undeniably look good. But lived-in leather, denim, cambric and flannel outfits are antique, more individual, authentic and evergreen. Most of all, these outfits outshine with prolonged use and carry a raw opulence.

“Clothes reflect our personality, and patina is a reflection of the individual because it responds based on how you use your outfit. There is nothing wrong with buying pre-ripped, stonewashed, distressed and rustic clothes made of long-lasting fabrics. But, true personality comes from personal wear and tear,” says Sanjay David, a celebrity stylist and fashion designer from the city.

“I have been suggesting my clients to use old clothes in new ways, and ripping and distressing is a big part of it. It does not look good on all kinds of fabrics. However, leather, shearling, denim, cambric and flannel are the fabrics that don’t look appealing without a touch of wear and tear,” he adds.

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According to city-based designer Asmita Marwa, all natural fabrics grow beautifully old with time and use. “Consider a brand new Banarasi silk saree with intricate design, patterns and engravings -- it is classy indeed. Now, imagine a saree with rustic golden threads -- patterns that are slowly fading, engravings that are wearing out -- it has a different charm altogether,” she says.

Be ethnic or casual, the rustic look is the new fad. Designers have been using gold and silver threads with an oxidised shade. They have also been fading incarnate details to give it that rustic look, Asmita says.“There is a philosophy behind the idea of rustic-looking outfits. These outfits silently speak of the quality of the material, which is good in most cases as it wears off elegantly. It also showcases the authenticity, rebellious nature, carefree attitude of the person wearing it,” she adds.

For model and influencer Divya Pandey, it is all about giving the outfits an earthy touch. “Distressed outfits go well on all kinds of attires. Nothing is better than a patina leather or a stonewashed denim jacket with ironed formals,” she says.

“We all love clothes that wear out. There is a strange attachment with the outfit because we know that these clothes have seen a lot. It’s like carrying scars with a confident attitude. Maybe it’s why they say not everyone has the guts to wear those rips and tears,” Divya adds.