Luxury couture label Jade by Monica and Karishma completes 15 years and here’s how the brand is celebrating 

The special anniversary edit paying tribute to grassroots communities of the country — Grassroot Artisans Project — features an array of contemporary pieces created using rich heritage textiles
Grassroot Artisans Project
Grassroot Artisans Project

Reimagining the fable of modern couture, designers Monica Shah and Karishma Swali’s couture label Jade celebrates the artisanal heritage of the country with a touch of contemporary design. Marking the brand’s 15th anniversary, the luxury brand unveiled a new logo of two lions, one looking at the past glories and the other at the future that is sprinkled with a number of launches including new stores and collections. The special anniversary edit paying tribute to grassroots communities of the country — Grassroot Artisans Project — features an array of contemporary pieces created using rich heritage textiles. We catch up with co-founder Monica Shah who walks us through the new collection and opens up about events planned to commemorate a-decade-and-a-half of the atelier. 

15 years is a great feat! How has the journey been, so far?
The journey of the last 15 years has been incredibly rewarding. It’s been a journey of passion, creativity and learning. With every collection, we’ve explored new horizons in design and the support from our patrons has been heartwarming.

The anniversary was commemorated with a series of launches for the brand. Walk us through them?
To commemorate our 15th anniversary, we had a series of significant launches, such as our brand-new menswear line. We launched anniversary special collections, we also opened stunning new spaces in Delhi, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. The most special of all — we launched the Grassroot Artisans Project — a tribute to India’s rich heritage of craftsmanship and the skills of local artisans.

Introduce us to the 15th-anniversary collection. What makes it special?
It’s a celebration of our journey through the world of fashion and the culmination of the Grassroots Artisans Project. We have travelled to various craft pockets in India and worked closely with artisans to innovate and make these techniques. What makes it truly special is its fusion of tradition and modernity, where traditional Indian techniques meet contemporary silhouettes, crafting unique and timeless pieces.

What kind of silhouettes can we expect from the collection?
We have a diverse array of silhouettes, catering to different tastes and occasions. From statement-making trench coats to flamboyant trousers to chic separates — each piece can be effortlessly worn for special gatherings as well as to elevate workplace dressing. The collection has something for everyone, blending the classic with the contemporary including overlays and crop tops.

Tell us about the different kinds of materials that have been incorporated into the collection?
Our collection boasts a wide range of luxurious materials. We’ve used exquisite kanjivaram silks, fine tulle and delicate laces to create the canvas for our ensembles. These fabrics serve as the foundation for the intricate handwork and detailing that are synonymous with our label.

What does the colour palette look like?
The colour palette is our signature #ShadesOfJade are unique and timeless at the same. From soothing Forest Green to classic Ivory White and glamorous Onyx Black, the palette is versatile and simply unforgettable! Look forward to your favourites from the label. 

Finally, tell us about the techniques used?
This is a tribute to our Indian artisans and is reflected in the diverse traditional techniques we’ve incorporated. You’ll find masterful applications of batik from West Bengal, the intricate beauty of kantha from the same region, along with the elegance of silk kanjivaram from Tamil Nadu, the classic bandhani from Bhuj and lots more. These techniques breathe life into the ensembles, adding an authentic, handcrafted touch to each piece.

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