Madhuri Dixit to walk for Ranna Gill to present Urban Prairie at Lakmé Fashion Week x FDCI

The collection creates a mesmerising tapestry where the echoes of the beauty of historic splendours harmonise with urban silhouettes
Rana Gill
Rana Gill

Dancing to the symphony of nature’s hues,
Amidst fields of wildflowers,
Listen to the gentle whispers of the wind,
Echoes the beauty of the urban hustle,
Intertwined with the spirit of the prairie.

Ranna Gill's new collection is nothing short of poetry. It is an invitation into the realm of Urban Prairie, a contemporary showcase from the world of Ranna Gill. A symphony of timeless style and nature’s hues, Urban Prairie will be presented at Lakme Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI in Mumbai.

The collection creates a mesmerising tapestry where the echoes of the beauty of historic splendours harmonise with urban silhouettes. Discover a landscape where skyscrapers stand tall amidst fields of wildflowers intertwine in a glamourous evening setting.

Rana Gill
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"I am thrilled to present my latest collection, Urban Prairie, at Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI this season. Urban Prairie breathes life into the juxtaposition of city chic and natural charm. A delightful fusion of contemporary style with the untamed spirit of the prairie, each silhouette is a tribute to the beauty of contrasts, seamlessly blending the rugged allure of nature with the refined elegance of urban life,” says Ranna.

 In this collection, enchanting evening dresses adorned with captivating prints beckon you to wander through this modern wilderness, where glamour meets the untamed.

 Experience a symphony of textures and tones that evoke the essence of the prairie at dusk, where the golden hues of the setting sun dance gracefully with the city lights. Blending the allure of nature with the elegance of urban life, each silhouette featuring pantsuits, skirts, jumpsuits and evening dresses is a tribute to the beauty of contrasts created in myriad shades of ivory, glacier blue, taupe, sea breeze, liquorice and gold. Behold the exquisite craftsmanship woven into luxurious double crepe, satin, sequins, and lurex, promising a tactile journey of opulence and allure.

Rana Gill
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Let Urban Prairie transport you on a journey through the vast expanse of the modern landscape, where every garment becomes a testament to the beauty of embracing both the wild and the refined. Embrace the spirit of the Urban Prairie and let your style bloom amidst the urban jungle.

Date & Time: Sunday, March 17, 2024, 4 pm. Venue: Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai.

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