What's in your stockings for this Christmas?

Champagne buckets or toasting flutes to get your Christmas parties started? Here’s our list of handpicked choices for Yuletide gifting

Vaishali V Published :  22nd December 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  22nd December 2017 06:00 AM

Alongside turkey roasts and carols, Christmas is also known for gifts and surprises. How about a handcrafted bauble by Dolce and Gabanna for your tree or a vintage magnifying glass? If you’re looking for luxe items that can be used to deck the halls for the season then here are a few interesting décor options. 

Rising stars
Looking for a star for that big Christmas tree in your front room? With a multi-faceted design, eight corners and 42 bulbs, this Kurt Adler Star of Bethlehem tree topper is a classic way to set up your tree décor. It’s shimmering iridescent colouring, brass finish, and gold trimming gives it a rustic look and adds additional sparkle to the festive mood. `3,399 approximately

Raise a toast
Any celebration is not complete without the clink of wine glasses. This delicate and elegant set of two flutes from Swarovski are designed for special wine and dine occasions. The clear crystal that fills the stems and the faceted crystal base of each of these adds an element of opulence.`24,900 approximately

Keep it cold
Get your Christmas party started with these stylish wine and champagne buckets that make a perfect addition to your bar. Available in stainless steel along with gold plated accents, these décor pieces from Deco Leaves collection of L’Objet are inspired by the designs of the 20th century.`25,656 approximately

Number games
It looks like a telephone booth, serves the purpose of a calendar and has numerous drawers. This advent calendar from Harrods painted in red has 25 little drawers set into a traditional British telephone box. You can also use them creatively for a treasure and hunt game and hide tiny stips of your clues in any of these draws. `4,349 approximately

Ray of light
Crafted from luxe oak wood this large silver hurricane lantern from The Label Life adds to the ambiance of your room by giving the warm glow of a lamplight and a charming vibe. Although modern in design this décor piece comes with a stainless-steel outer finish and jute rope giving it an elegant finish. You can either place it by your window or hang it to the dance of the wind. `16,580 approximately

Hang in there
Bored of seeing round baubles in run-of-the-mill colours of red, green and gold? Made in Italy, Dolce and Gabanna’s handcrafted and hand-painted bauble with a knight on it has an array of colours. This brightly patterned ornate piece will be the highlight of your tree and makes for a showstopper trinket. `14,623 approximately

Set your table
Simple in lines yet magnificent in appearance, the Ellery side table from Kate Spade evokes luxury. Poised on a slender and polished brass frame with a bow at the centre, the black glass lends an aura of grace and elegance to objects on display.`16,580 approximately

Through the lens
You can hover your mouse over an image to zoom on a computer but what about a book? All the more if it’s an antique hardcover. These imported magnifying glasses from Anthropologie with a big convex lens and a metal holder made of gold coating also make for a classic vintage aesthetic in your room. 
`17,380 approximately