Pick up designs inspired by characters in your favourite films from Aarvee  

Loved what Deepika Padukone wore in Padmaavat? Get similar accessories here

Paulami Sen Published :  09th March 2018 06:16 PM   |   Published :   |  09th March 2018 06:16 PM

Jaipur Choker from Aarvee

Most of the fashion-forward folks will agree that there is nothing like customised jewellery that can help one stand out in a crowd. If you fancy the antiquated designs that actress Deepika Padukone wore in Padmaavat or the ones that  Devasena (actress Anushka Shetty) donned in Baahubali, then just get Chennai-based designer Hema Ramesh to customise those pieces for you. 

Not only movie-inspired designs but the label Aarvee - The Accessories Store, helmed by Hema, also offers custom-made temple and bridal designs. “I started making made-to-order pieces after I was approached by one of my patrons to design a statement accessory, which she couldn’t find anywhere,” says the designer of this 10-month-old company, who works with local artisans. One can get in touch with her via Facebook and Instagram to place their orders.

Hema’s creations are mostly crafted in German silver, ruby, emerald and pearls.Some of the other top picks include handcrafted kemp jewellery which was originally used to adorn deities in the temples. Traditionally, they have also been worn by bharatanatyam dancers. Hema has reimagined these antiquated pieces and given them a modern twist, hence making them wearable as statement pieces.

Rs 250 onwards