Innerwear label Tailor & Circus starts a discussion about body positivity with their campaign

This one-month-old start-up offers non-restricting styles for both men and women 

Paulami Sen Published :  25th May 2018 07:20 PM   |   Published :   |  25th May 2018 07:20 PM

Comfortable in your skin

No matter how popular a brand, adverts for innerwear have often been laced with undertones of hypersexuality, for both men and women. Also, the highly photoshopped images of models that they use, do not help with body positivity at all. While, international underwear brands like the New Zealand-based Lonely or London-based Neon Moon started a narrative about body positivity through their campaigns, by using models who don't adhere to industry norms, in India it is still rare. That’s where the month-old start-up, Tailor and Circus steps in.  
Tailor and Circus offers comfy and non-restricting styles
Co-founders Gaurav Durasamy, Vasanth Sampath and Abishek Elango wanted to focus on functionality rather than frippery, do away with Photoshopped models and opt for people who embrace their curves and blemishes proudly. “And that’s why we have a gender-neutral aesthetic for both men and women’s innerwear,” says Abishek. After close to a year of research, we zeroed in on fabric developed from Beechwood fibre in Austria, he informs, asserting that the fabric is thrice as soft as cotton and significantly more breathable in tropical weather. Also, it is ecologically sound as well.
They also do anti-bacterial processing, so that it does not harm the skin when in contact. It has been a month since their e-portal went live and they have found several repeat customers, the co-founders claim. While their factory unit is based in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, their co-founders work out of Tirupur, Coimbatore and Bengaluru. Tailor and Circus has designs that are rather non-restricting, for instance, the comfortable boyshorts they have designed for women. “We were quite surprised to see that so many of our female customers were ordering from the men’s boxers section,” says Abhishek. While men can shop for briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and boxers, the women can shop for bikini bottoms, high-waist briefs and boy shorts.  They have a range of prints — from bright blues to yellows and minimalist black and ivory. The big win for the label is their Instagram campaign that is focussed on body diversity and positivity. “While researching, we found that men are as insecure about their bodies as the women. While there’s still a discussion about female body positivity when it comes to men that discussion lags behind. We as a brand wanted to be more inclusive and highlight that element,” concludes Abishek.
Rs 350 onwards.