Sova blends ayurvedic goodness with modern science

Anagha M Published :  28th September 2018 12:37 PM   |   Published :   |  28th September 2018 12:37 PM


A BRAND that is born out of ancient ayurvedic ingredients like as Jatamansi Root, Draksh Oil, violet flowers, and ancient recipes, Sova debuts in the South with its new range of personal care products. The luxury brand, founded by Mumbai-based entrepreneurs Vasavdatta Gandhi and Sneha Daftary, offers a range of shampoos, conditioners, oils, masks, serums and soaps. After launching in Mumbai and Jaipur, the team now heads to South India. We speak to the founders about the brand, its philosophy and what it has to offer:

How did the brand begin?
Vasavadatta Gandhi: The brand Sova has come together with three generations — me, my father-in-law and my niece, Sneha who is a hairstylist. My father-in-law has been in this field all his life and we thought it would be great to come together and collaborate. It took us three years to complete our research and perfect our products. 

Sneha Daftary and Vasavadatta Gandhi

How would you sum up Sova’s brand philosophy?
Sneha Daftary: We believe in balancing the herbs with chemicals that are required to bring out the effectiveness of the herb. For example, Shikhakai dries out the hair if used directly but with the help of proteins we are able to balance that out and keep the hair moisturised and healthy. To sum up the brand philosophy in a word — I say it is ‘balance’!  

How is Sova different than other brands in the market?
VG: Most ayurvedic products are sulphate free but they are not effective on chemically treated hair, whereas we have found a balance to utilise the herbs and chemical ingredients in such a way that it works perfectly well on chemically treated hair. We do not claim ourselves to be a completely natural brand as our research has shown us that there are certain proteins and chemicals that are required to make the product effective. 

What are some of the ingredients you use, and where do you source them from?
SD: We use ingredients such as Brahmi, hibiscus hair oil, amla, shikakai and til oil. All our products are cold pressed. We source our ingredients from across the country and also from Germany. 

What do you think about the South Indian market?
VG: Women here chose their products intelligently, they know what they want and stick to it. They do not choose a product randomly. It is not a mass market. People take their time to read the back of the products and make informed choices and that is the kind of  market that we want to cater to.

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