Lapis Bard’s Ducorium collection is inspired by Renaissance-era dyeing techniques

Get your hands on a range of travel accessories from Lapis Bard’s Ducorium line and keep it stylish

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  09th January 2020 06:04 PM   |   Published :   |  09th January 2020 06:04 PM

Lapis Bard Ducorium Chester Blue

LAPIS BARD’S DUCORIUM collection is meant for men who keep it stylish while working or travelling. Characterised by minimalism, exquisite craftsmanship and sleek design profile, the UK-based label’s latest edit stands out for the Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘sfumato’ technique that lends the exquisite collection of leather accessories a beautiful dual-tone.

Inspired by the Renaissance era of dyeing leather, the technique involves a distinct hand-painted method that creates an original hue that becomes darker and richer with each use. The painting technique by master craftsmen creates a soft and seamless transition between the differing tones towards the edges of the products. Apart from sfumato, the production also involves a more ecofriendly semi-vegetable dye by the skilled tanners, to maintain the premium topgrain hide’s density and texture. The result is a premium range of accessories that is not just long-lasting and durable but stylish as well. Ducorium lets you choose from two alluring shades — cognac and blue. The rich blue hue caught our attention, as it also fits in the Pantone colour of the year – classic blue.

Meanwhile, you also have a brown whose edges are more defined by the sfumato technique and exudes an earthy and classic look. Look out for a multi-pocket tote backpack called Roxton, a laptop backpack with dual compartments and sling called Hampton, a sleek laptop sleeve by the name Bexley and classic laptop bags, Chester and Dorchester, in the range. Classic and simple wallets named Travel Mate, belts with gold buckle and a key fob are also part of the collection.

Designed keeping in mind the requirements of the modern man, the multiple slots facilitate more storage; which means one can keep essentials like wallet, pen, tablet and headphones in a more arranged manner. And while the profile sounds more suited for a professional routine, Ducorium can double up as a travel essential and the perfect accessory for a late-night dinner or evening out. Though made primarily for men, some products have an androgynous profile; for instance, Travel Mate, key fob, laptop bags and backpacks.

Available at William Penn store, Quest Mall