Adidas launches its tennis shoe franchise, Adidas Tennis

It's a laceless shoe, for better comfort and flexibility
Adidas launches its tennis shoe franchise, Adidas Tennis

Adidas just announced the launch of its tennis footwear franchise, Adidas Tennis, with a new shoe that is designed specifically for players of the game. And while promising functionality, what we’re more excited about is its unique silhouette and on-trend street style-inspired design. 

The designers of the shoe have removed the use of laces, which they feel makes for better foot and shoe connection, which ensures more comfort while running up and down the court and landing those challenging shots. It comes with a knit collar, which is engineered to expand the shape of the foot while also providing a supportive fit.

Stanislav Goussev, Footwear Design Director at Adidas Tennis says, “Adidas has always been at the forefront of tennis footwear innovation – we’ve delivered iconic styles that have delivered both style and performance and we’re excited to launch our latest offering. We know from working with athletes and through feedback that the most important elements of a tennis shoe are comfort, stability and durability. We’ve built the shoe with these features at the forefront – but have also looked at how we can design this tennis shoe differently, how we can revolutionise what a tennis shoe looks like and what we expect from a tennis shoe. We are entering a new generation of tennis and the shoe for those looking to create change.”

Rs.14,999. Available online

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