Astrea Skincare fashions a unique face oil tailored to your personality

Customisations don’t get more exclusive than this.

Rebecca Vargese Published :  20th March 2020 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  20th March 2020 06:00 AM


Customised beauty trends are on the rise globally, with brands offering to create just the right fit for every individual. “And why shouldn’t they be? When you want the perfect-fitted dress, you head to a tailor,” offers Sharon Natrajan, the founder of Astrea Beauty, talking to us on the sidelines of the launch of her latest product — customised luxury face oils. And get this, when we say ‘customised’, we aren’t just talking about a product that best works for your skin. This first made-to-order offering from the homegrown brand claims to be tailored to your personality — and yes, there is a science to back it up. “Personalisation is so popular because consumers are looking for products and experiences that are unique to their needs. We have employed the basics of aromatherapy — which stimulates the smell receptors — to create a range of products that tackle a variety of skin concerns.”


A two-step process that involves interaction and participation with a beauty consultant from the brand (and not an AI-generated algorithm), the customisation begins with the basics, identification of skin type — normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. This, in turn, informs the choice of oils that are used. “Most essential oils cannot be applied directly to the skin. It must be diluted with a base,” explains the 40-year-old, elaborating that the brand currently offers three carrier oils that feature treated blends of grapeseed, jojoba and/or avocado.

Uniquely you
The fusion of the essential oils is step two, and here’s where the personality aspect of the formulation is thrown into the mix. It is a smell test that determines the top, middle and lower notes of the blend. “It’s ironic that most people undervalue the power of scent. Fragrances have the ability to evoke both positive and negative psychological states of mind in milliseconds.” Offered in a variety of options including jasmine, grapefruit, lemon, lavender, rosemary, tea tree, rosewood and cedarwood, these oils are then mixed in a 30:50:20 ratio based on the customer’s sensory response to each of the aromas.

Made with certified natural ingredients, the R&D for the product line has taken over a year and each blend is created to treat problems eczema, acne, dry skin and dark circles. For our pick, we try a mixture of the grapefruit, peppermint and vetiver — a mix that leaves a tingling, cool effect on the skin.

Available only in-stores. 15 ml priced at Rs 700.