From adjustable slits to wearable art, sustainable label Good Stuff is one to watch out for

The label, founded by brother-sister duo Zainali and Azra Jetha, is sustainable and works in tandem with the artisans.

Paulami Sen Published :  18th May 2020 06:10 PM   |   Published :   |  18th May 2020 06:10 PM

Label Good Stuff

Eco-friendly fashion label Good Stuff has a lot of qualities that make it stand out. The label - founded by brother-sister duo Zainali and Azra Jetha - is sustainable and works in tandem with the artisans ensuring the tenets of fair trade practises are held up. Also, they want to create fashion that is no less than art! “The brand was started along with the artisans to bring wearable art in vogue,” says Zainali. His previous stint with a casual shirt manufacturing factory brought him closer to the artisans. Azra, who studied Bachelor of Fine Arts, makes sure elements of art are incorporated in the ensembles they create.

Zainali and Azra

They stay away from mass production and work out of their studio in Kurla, Mumbai. Their artisans are based out of Mumbai, Bihar and Odisha. They happen to be in touch with them and have pledged the proceedings of their latest collection to them. Their new collection is called Another Dimension. “While designing for this collection I realised that zippers could be used in several non-traditional ways,” says Zainali. They have been used to add a DIY element to transform a dress with sleeves into an off-shoulder. There are adjustable slits on the dresses as well.

Adjustable slits and zippers make the ensembles edgy

Do watch out for the fun and pop-coloured patches. “The fabric used for this collection was primarily cotton-lycra. We sourced premium quality cotton-lycra that really feels good and soft to touch and in the case of dresses hugs the body well,” informs Azra, adding that they print their art with water-based inks so they absorb into the fabric leaving the print feeling soft.

Check out their ensembles for men as well

Some of the predominant colours one can see include white, black, blue and grey in terms of the fabrics. The prints are in contrasting hues so that they stand out. “For us, art is always the hero, the message, the statement,” asserts Zainali. Their men’s T-shirts from the collection incorporate details like mesh, pleated sleeves and unique pockets. In the pipeline is a gender-neutral collection with which Zainali and Azra will attempt to push sartorial boundaries.

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