Bespoke label Paul Adams' latest edit promotes local artists

Each bag is an artwork with splashes of bright colours and textures

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  09th March 2021 06:08 PM   |   Published :   |  09th March 2021 06:08 PM

Boombox Briefcase by Paul Adams

An established name in the ultra-premium handbag and accessories segment, Paul Adams' whole new range of bespoke bags for men and women is refreshing. With original artwork painted on a specialized canvas with acrylic paints by a professional artist, the stylish bags promote lesser-known artists from various parts of the country championing the #vocalforlocal cause.

The new summer collection has melded glamour with ultimate sophistication and comes in bright colours and sleek designs with the artwork reflecting an unapologetic and free spirit.  
Moreover, each piece is unique as it is handpainted and handcrafted with ethically sourced leather by local artists. The following bags are part of the summer edit:

Bespoke bag label Paul Adams' latest edit promote local artists. Each bag is an artwork with splashes of bright colours and textures. Orion, portfolio messenger bags: The bag suitably frames the painting giving it the shape of a camera lens. The warm and cool colours of the fish and other elements framing the eye convey a sense of dichotomy.

Palm Handbag: The artist has chosen to highlight the stunning calmness and tranquil strength of the palm trees as an oasis in the desert. It contrasts vibrantly against the fading blue depths of the surrounding ocean.

Carpe Diem Amenity Case: Carpe Diem (“Seize The Day”) is an intense painting exhibiting the innate strength required to face the struggles time and again in life. The theme depicts strong masculinity where the violent tides express anger and the sky is overcast in the setting sun. The artist has used pallet knives and thick brushstrokes to create an illusion of movement and spontaneity.

Ella Sling Bag: Ella refers to the one who dances, much like a fish in the sea. The artist has chosen a symbol that is universal in its positivity and delightful in its visual definition as a water-based element full of colour. It has been shaped and contained artistically in the form of the bag.

Boombox Briefcase: Boombox is a cult piece that features a handpainted explosion of colours and defined geometric shapes in a vibrant, bright palette. As the name denotes powerful sound, the usage of neons and psychedelic tones gives the bag a distinct edgy feel. The artist has used retro symbols from Pop Art to reflect the attitude of the wearer. The Boombox is a groundbreaking piece of art for the young, and the young at heart.