The versatile 'craftswomanship' of Kochi's Naomi Anchery

With homemade soaps, cakes and candles, Naomi Anchery of Kochi is your best bet for organic hampers this festive season

author_img Manjul Misra Published :  10th October 2021 11:13 AM   |   Published :   |  10th October 2021 11:13 AM
The versatile 'craftswomanship' of Kochi's Naomi Anchery

What is it they say about Jack of all trades, master of none? How about we introduce you to Jill of many trades, mistress of multiple ones? Meet creative Kochi resident, Naomi Anchery, master painter, master portrait maker, master mosaic artist, master soapmaker, master candle maker, master cake and muffin maker, et al! A woman who has, indeed, turned that saying on its head.  

She started making soaps at the beginning of 2019, more as a necessity and a hobby than anything else. “Since I had allergy-prone skin, I started reading up on organic skin products and taught myself how to make soap at home from natural, pure, unadulterated ingredients,” she recalls. 

One thing led to another and she found herself lathering up soaps for family and friends, under the brand name Nams. Word spread, and soon, friends started to buy them as gifts to take for their friends not just across the country but abroad as well, especially Dubai, US and Canada.

Her soaps are essentially made with goat milk, coconut milk, aloe vera, red wine and Shea butter  bases. Different combinations of essential oils, cocoa butter and fragrances are then added for desired results. “In fact. I leave it to the customer to choose the combo they want, that way they know exactly what they’re getting. Plus, the assurance that no chemicals, preservatives or any sort of hardeners were used in their making.” And might we add, the variety of pretty shapes and range of colours add to their popularity as well.

Little wonder then that she now also gets large orders for gift hampers which she customises to client requirements. “It could be cakes and candles or a variety of soaps with lip balms and candles, clients are free to pick and choose,” she adds. Her Christmas hampers are especially popular as well as those for engagements and baby showers.

Candles are something Anchery taught herself to make during lockdown. Using the stay-at-home period productively, she again searched the net for tutorials. “I learnt purely by trial and error till I hit the correct composition,” she says, which is basically a balanced combination of unbleached beeswax, virgin coconut oil, essential oils and fragrances.

While portraits, especially in charcoal, have been her forte for many years now, Anchery also taught herself glass mosaic art in these past few months, and is now retailing those as well. For as she says, “I have always believed that perseverance pays and never fear trying out anything new. Failure has never bothered me, but if I didn’t try out something, that would bother me for eternity.”

(Naomi can be contacted on Instagram as well as on 9895973003 and 8921642290).