Black In Vogue's autumn collection, Thousand Suns, is all about handcrafted ties and dyes

The collection has a vibrant range of festive saris in cotton and mul

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  05th September 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  05th September 2022 12:00 AM

Black in Vogue's autumn edit

Kanchankuntala Das' label Black In Vogue's autumn edit, Thousand Suns has a vibrant line of handcrafted tie and dye saris. Appealing to fashion-conscious individuals, the saris come in Mulmul cotton, embellished with the different techniques of tie and dye in muted tones of green, blue and mauve besides black.

What was the inspiration behind the collection?

As the collection name suggests, we are here to bridge the gap between the endless age-old traditional textile surface embellishment techniques of India and the modern sartorial preferences of present-day women, in terms of silhouettes as well as drapes, just as we find eternal connectivity between the cosmos and innumerable suns shining out bright in the time and space sheet.

Tell us how you are trying to set new trends when it comes to traditional saris?

Saris are made lighter than usual by us so that it becomes a part of daily work wear for modern and independent women. Hand-woven, eco-friendly saris weaved with yarns of natural fibres are generally more breathable than saris made with artificial fibres. It helps working women stay comfortable. Even for festivities, women are choosing from a wide range of minimalist saris.

Black in Vogue's autumn edit
Black in Vogue's autumn edit

When it comes to saris, what attracts the new generation of women?

The new-generation urban women are more aware of sustainability and the environment, they expect handcrafted and hand-woven saris from a brand. Black and muted tones are creating a new identity and filling up space in the wardrobe of modern-day women, as work wear and even as occasion wear. Black saris are selling off the rack fast, as women are breaking the stereotype to discover sophistication and class in black.

Black in Vogue's autumn edit
Black in Vogue's autumn edit

What will be trending big time this Pujas or festive season?

The upcoming festive season will mark a boom in luxury ethnic wear. Women are more likely to go for elaborately embroidered angrakhas, kurtas, saris with long jackets and draped indo-westerns. Floral prints will set a trend this season, with varied patterns, bold and even minimal. Festive colours like purple, Royal blue, bright red, ivory, and yellow as well as black will mark a space on the festive colour board.

What are the sustainable practices that you have adopted as a part of responsible fashion?

As a responsible clothing brand, we involve handicrafts and hand-woven fabrics in each seasonal collection. Both the couture as well as Pret-A-porter collections are made mostly abiding by principles of ethical and slow fashion.

Black in Vogue's autumn edit
Black in Vogue's autumn edit

What are the other upcoming collections you are working on?

Our upcoming collection is all about setting the trend of Black Bridal Wear, which we master at. Our previous collection of Black Bridal Lehenga created quite a buzz and this time, we are all set to launch the new collection of Black Bridal Saris, for the coming Winter-Festive season