Designer label Mehak Murpana’s new edit celebrates fluidity, flow and beauty of a journey

Addressing the demand of the festive time, designer label Mehak Murpana introduced a new collection Evara
Collection: Evara
Collection: Evara

The arrival of festive season brings with it the magic of colours and emotions. As you prepare yourself for the extravaganza, the choice of outfits also play an impeccable role. Mostly, people like to opt for ensembles that pay homage to traditions while also embrace the contemporary spirit. Addressing this demand during the festive time is designer label Mehak Murpana through a new collection Evara.

The brand makes designer pieces that reflect a harmonious blend of elegance and innovation. The founder and head designer Mehak says, “We craft each garment with precision and care with an unwavering commitment to quality. We don’t follow trends, we set them with our innovative approach to fashion and lifestyle.”

Pieces from the collection
Pieces from the collection

Among the myriad qualities that define Evara, one shines through with unparalleled clarity — the pieces flow like gentle breeze on a warm summer day, embracing you in comfort and style. When asked about the collection in detail, Mehak tells us, “The festive edit shows a variety of styles, featuring fluid lines, dynamic shapes and mesmerising abstract designs. Evara is inspired by the flowing patterns of nature. Each piece is a celebration of the beauty that arises when we embrace our wandering spirit and let our creativity flow. This is exactly what the name Evara means.”

The ensembles beautifully combine traditional and modern elements, making them suitable for various occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and even weddings for that matter. Mehak shares that the fabrics used in the collection are primarily crêpe. “We have also used organza in few pieces for the dupattas to break the overall print,” she adds. The most attractive part about Evara is the eye-catching floral and geometric abstract prints. It is, in fact, these captivating prints that makes this collection so alluring, steering it away from the burden of excess weight.

The head designer further says, “Our diverse collection caters to women of all ages, ensuring a wide range of styles to match each individual’s personality. Additionally, we provide a variety of print options, allowing clients to select their preferred patterns making it easy to wear on many occasions.”

Their pink jumpsuit with a prepleated drape and belt set is special as one can style it in four different ways. Another one — green embroidered lehenga set is super fresh and fun. Mehak tells us, “It can be worn by the bride for daytime weddings and even by the bride’s sister.”

Rs 15,500 onwards. Available online.

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